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I think I have always aligned with father Desmond Tutu.

When I came at our high school in 1999, our school still in town, District Six was Zinza Senior Secondary School. Me doing standard 6 (Grade 8) we were taking free buses to this school while still in town. School was good with my friends, some I came with
from primary school, ooEddy, Lonwabo, etc.

In year 2000 our school new building was finished, Zinza was then moved to Town Two in Khayelitsha. Launching the new school in 2001 our school became Thembelihle Senior Secondary School  with Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Cape Town Njongonkulu Ndungane present as key speaker to open the school.

Also while I was still at Thembelihle Senior Secondary School in 2003 to 2005 I was in the Township Debating League (TDL), a programme provided by Univeristy of Cape Town students. We held tournaments at our schools and University of Cape Town.

Straight to University of the Western Cape in 2006

It was good when in Matric, Thembelihle Senior Secondary School took us to University of the Western Cape Career Open Day. At
University of the Western Cape open day I won a registration bursary.

That’s how then I ended up settling  to study at University of the Western Cape. The Anglican Church of Cape Town Archbishop Emeritus before Njongonkulu Ndungane, Mr Desmond Tutu was still a Chancellor at University of the Western Cape, he retired
in 2011 at University of the Western Cape. Njongonkulu Ndungane now is the Chair of Council at University of Cape Town with Graca Machel the widow of Nelson Mandela as the Chancellor.

When from dropping out at University of the Western Cape in 2008 then coming back in 2010 I ended graduating 12th March 2013 by the new Chancellor and current Anglican Church Archbishop Thabo Mokgoba. It was a happy day for me being accompanied by my sister

Thokozile Sesi and his friend. I truly enjoyed.

Also when I dropped out at University of the Western Cape in 2008, while living at my parents house in Crossroads I joined drama classes with Nyanga Arts Development, from there a University of Cape Town student in our drama class group told us about the SHAWCO Masizikhulise Programme. With them I did 4 months Information Technology and Entrepreneurship Courses.

So I have always been aligned with father DesMOND Tutu all my life. From 1984 when I born, him receiving a Nobel Peace Prize, to studying at University of the Western Cape, etc to meeting him at Central Home Affairs in Cape Town 2012.

PLEASE JOIN THE FORGIVENESS CHALLENGE- For me it softened all the anguish, and made me look at people better:



We need more leaders like Melvyn Caroline

Early 2000s when I was the president of the Learners Representative Council (LRC) at Thembelihle Senior Secondary School to becoming a member of Khayelitsha Student Empowerment Forum (KSEF) to Khayelitsha Education Forum (KEF) I enjoyed participating in the Urban Renewal Programmes allocated by former President Thabo Mbeki to Khayelitsha and Mitchels Plain as zones most marginalised from opportunities and with worse effect of the past.

In that programme I came to know energetic leaders like Melvyn Caroline who just passed way last of last Saturday at age 63. He was the Director of Metropole East Education District of Western Cape Education Department, may his soul Rest In Peace.

From Khayelitsha and matriculating in 2005, amped up by lot of capacity building provided by leaders like Melvyn Caroline when I started at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) in 2006 I joined Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) a global organisation using students at universities to uplift disadvantaged communities (in 2012 has changed its name to Enactus- http://www.enactus.org). Like that in my first year of studies inspired more by SIFE UWC leaders like Professor Linda de Vries, Khutso Ramontja and others I took the position of Deputy Project Manager heading all our projects.

Our team at the SIFE National Competitions 2005/6 at Emperors Palace in Johannersburg took third place, University of Pretoria took second place and University of KwaZulu Natal took first place.

Its because of leaders like Melvyn Caroline that young people from all walks of life make a success of their lives we should be thankful and take it further for the future generation.