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By: Sivuyile S. Sesi. With Internative Digital @756Writing

Business is about doing what people like, with timetable, prototyping and curating, you do that making your business to growth.

You can do that following the days of the week for an example. For that having a theme for each day or period. Like on Monday is the start of the week and for that day you do what is found to be in energy or mood of the employees in your company. This can finely motivate and pick their mood up each day well set building continuos momentum. This way you can be efficient and effective. For an example you can start with hardwork early at first during the day and week. In that if you follow you can have coordinated, aligned and if you are closely listening and observing to your company and its environment activities you can have or find synergy of the week to month to year. This way in your planning you will be able to set programmes and assign well on schedules and projects. Each date of the day can have company values and motives attached to it. With this you will gain technical vision and have foresight strategy.

From days of the week as you observe how your system activities work you can take note and collect data that you can use to eliminate processes, technologies, etc that dont work or are less efficient and consider time saving, more productive ways. And add ways that are more productive. This way you can also find other better new ways and emerging solutions realised along the way that you can use, then growing your business.

For Nguni people for an example its like our names system or network which if you follow you find it saves a lot of what we find valuable to keep. With following what is there on personal names of people even professional help you can find a process on which to start with to the last. Their names state what they are for in our lives. If you follow its true happening you can find a person that can help you for what you want and its that kind of person you must connect to or ask from at a moment. Its truth happen whether you know it or not. It take consciousness to notice it. This can help you work well with your employees and appeal from your customers. They relate with it. So in this you can cultural, design, radical innovate.

When doing business an example of work that this can useful on is if you are an online information or articles curator. Setting your articles in a way that follow each other in an interesting, appealing, or logical way from time to time. It has to make sense to your audience. This is a way to give customer experience. So its important to do your customer network research, observe, take the data and analyse your customers interests and use the information you find to serve them accordingly. From there and forward you can keep changing, improving and upgrading the functioning of your business to achieve the required results or output. With this that is how you start noticing other new ways you did not see or find before that can add value to your business more than you thought before. So analysing this way is good to stay open.

An analyses tool that you can use for this is Computational Thinking Analyses. You can plan the Computational Thinking concepts: the Decomposition, Algorithms, Pattern Recognition and Obstructing. As Each year is different with new clients and new challenges and new ideas, getting employees you can use this tool for growth patterns. With Computational Thinking concept you will be able to be discoverer and be innovative.

With this you can see what clients buy, what interest them, how do they explore your website, able to notice what is the time to time changes. With it you can do data analysis for your website, blog, email marketing, newsletter, etc. This way you can stay relevant and keep up with your audience. This way you can know what kind of employees to invest on, be able to keep up with resources and work condition or environment you want. This is a way of doing customized services. In return for treating your customers special they can see what you do for them for that they can reward you.

So look at the ways you do business to set and grow your enterprize. This way you can solve global challenges with more people and communities benefiting. In all that is how corporations are able to bring industry innovation.