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To AMBRUMPT— Its a new word I felt and thought I must introduce. I felt it from Helen Zille’s Sunday announcement.

Its a Xhosa word better well sounding when used or suitable for English. In Xhosa (kumthi wambu ogqiba utsale ubuncwane balento uyenzayo while the opponent iziva buthathaka). Your opponent sort of caught up in your moment but only for your own benefit than him or her. Its about timing. It keep the opponent attached to the event or situation. It keeps him thinking about it too.

eg on the 12th of April, which Jacob Zuma’s birthday, Helen Zille announced that she not availing herself for another term as the Democratic Alliance leadership position in the next coming Federal Congress, 9th of May, after she has held the position for 8 years.

8 is for the year 2008, which her other opponent in politics, former president Thabo Mbeki was recalled. Which against Thabo Mbeki’s leadership as state president and African National Congress president in the 2006 Local Elections Helen Zille for the first time won as the mayor of the City of Cape Town.

Then Helen Zille in 2009 the first year Jacob Zuma was elected as the state president, she then rouse to win the position as the premier of the Western Cape.

So 9 is for year 2009 his now opponent, Jacob Zuma was elected president for the first time. So they all interconnected to the 12 April event that Helen Zille made her announcement to not avail herself for Democratic Alliance leadership.

She is making meaningful sharing of her great moments or successes which at the time she was at the top pick of her political career working with young and sharp Lindiwe Mazibuko.

Also as Jacob Zuma is uneducated, as he did not even finish primary school it is interesting that she made her announcement on a Sunday as the following day, Monday the schools are opening. History tells us that in Africa formal education started at churches.

As the president name is Jacob, a biblical name so he is attached. Lindiwe Mazibuko a former Democratic Alliance parliamentary leader who went to study Public Administration at Harvard University to get an dept knowledge of her work, at the end of year 2012 she delivered a motion of no confidence against Jacob Zuma in parliament, so the 12th means a lot to all of them. Date 2012-12-12 was the year in Christian calender was believed to be the end of the world. It means a lot to those who believe in that religion. (UJacob Zuma yena uzoba buthathaka), meaning he wont feel good or nice because DA used all of that to oppose him or his rule.

And you can tell that on her announcement Helen Zille wanted to address the need to be educated when holding leadership position and/ or government or public office. You can remember in South Africa we have people cheating to take positions without having the needed qualifications. DA has fought court battle against that, eg SABC boss, etc. Nelson Mandela believed that only through education that a child of a domestic worker can become a president.

As Jacob Zuma is the current intense competition or political opponent to Helen Zille, its bad energies or discomfort to him. He is to stay disturbed for some time. He is to remember Helen Zille for some time. Even those who are aware are to stay thinking about the event.

Its about mind hook or attachment. It may make what Jacob Zuma, Thabo Mbeki and those who are aware of the situation what they do next to think, talk or address what they realise from whatever Helen Zille said or what ever happened at that event.

Ambrumpt may create response or reaction directly or indirectly making it to have discourses remembered for sometime.

That means she had done her research, because she is using what they know or aware of for her own doing. As it is politics and dealing with public figures many people’s awareness will be affected. it is to keep them or followers of the story thinking.

All these dates and events are attached together or interconnected by meaning or significance. they have important interpretation to the people who engage with them.