Comparing great Karl Marx, Fidel Castro and Chris Hani.

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi with Internative Digital @756Writing
#I find comparison between Chris Hani and Fidel Castro interesting that the current Cuban president, Fidel Castros brother attendent the funeral of greal people liberators Nelson Mandela. I think for this the freaky week to end on a Sunday 27th November (from a Monday the 21st) 2016 make a highly significance on the struggle sacrifices made by these two leaders. For me as a community leader and entrepreneurship activist with the Black Friday this means a free weekend, thats a true special thing.

#I dont know what killed the Gurrilla spirit in South Africa that happened in our slums, especially with the township development. It was brewing, trouble was happening. Radical Rallies, toy toys, were taking place. people and communities attacking each other with big guns, too much teargas and police opposition, etc. Mbeki said on radio news that some of South Africans were trained in Cuba.

Even the death of Chris Hani, he was a great guy. Babylon felt intimidated, they feared him and what he might do on the movement to the emenating of this country freedom. He had a lot of potential oozing. With him alive South Africa might have taken a much different and harsher direction, thats what Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki leadership better differently gave us rather.

For Fidel Castrol brother to attend Nelson Mandelas  memorial service and shaking Barrack Obamas hand, and Obama shaking Graca Machels hand shops that Cuba and America understand the ways South Africa turnedout to be.

#Yet how its found communism to be turning out great worldwide, eg Fidel Castro leadership in the Cuban revolution, also South African doctors get free education from Cuba, (Quote my face book post). Also China with its communism state has become a world economic power, leading in business, innovation, production, etc. Africa and other parts of the world look up to them for investment. In Africa for where the west cant do china investment is over taking America and Europe.

#Even as early as the African National Congress (ANC) after the struggle became an unbanned political party in South Africa it made a trypatite alliance with the leftists organisations like the Congress of South African Trade Union (COSATU), SACP, (SANCO, etc) against the centrists. In South Africa such leadership has risen to the top and taken over the ANC and government. Yet it seems with their policies they are struggling to grow the economy, its falling, there is high unemployment.

For that in highly world class developed provinces that need a good investment to its people to survive , like the Western Cape and Gauteng the ANC is falling than the time of Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki. Such provinces as these, give highly recognised countries for investment like China, Cuba, United Kingdom, France, the United States, etc a good competition. There is so much development in these areas. It does not get better that these places.

#This much rise of communism economies has come to the attention of Donald Trump and America. And making him in the 2016 election becoming the USA president over a good candidate as Hilary Clinton. In Donald Trump election campaign he has vowed to make the capitalist America great again and the man’s promises convinced majority American. They made him their president after Barrack Obama the first black president as also we long for a women president for fair change. We are observing how he is take over the world from communism rise as in China, etc we know the reputation of the country. He is like them he lacks politeness and customer service. I think we are about to see things come out of the wild for a long time.

The sky is the limit when Lindiwe Mazibuko come back from Harvard University. She lead well in the Nelson Mandela Democracy. She was heavy in the Jacob Zuma presidency first term. After the 2014 elections she went to do honors in the USA, I guess she cant be wasting more time while there are sure ways to success. Is South Africa ready for the atomic energy?

#With Fidel Castro taking the gurilla solution, all things happening he still did not crumble. Nelson taking peaceful negotiations and he formed a very strong foundation with internationally praised economics.

#Communism is evident in Khayelitsha especially on Rastas. In their own way in spirit they great guys like Karl Marx. They very critical on the conditions of working for another boss. That is how such community was established and got built. Even by what the first communities in this community are called it shows that. The main community Khayelitsha ( also name of the whole township) is called Village 3. Site B is called Village 2, Site C is called Village 1. I feel such a relevant vibe with man Donald Trump. With communism he competes like there. People are longing for economic opportunity developments extending.
#Lomfo its amazing how he had ifuthe for decades with his Island nation worldwide without American relations and still not crumbling. #FidelCastro

#I will never be critical, Chris Hani

#The comparison of Karl Marx, Fidel Castro, Chris Hani, eish Trump.

#Here is to be broken hearts still I am happy to say Iam optimistic about the future falling into place.

#Even Queen Elizabeth II is so old, to take over is a male William. There is lots of gender or sex struggles.

#These hard times I miss Lindiwe Mazibuko, her and Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka, Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, Patricia de Lille, and Nomvula Nonkonyane are so for the promise of what we hope for, still standing they are the best in my list.

#The African working class demonstarte strike here in South Africa, burning others resources, littering, etc.

#As Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama said, I have fought against black and white domination. Obama on his passing for that saying Nelson Mandela belong to the ages. It would have been ideal for women if it was the lady Hilary Clinton than the wild fire Donald Trump. It shows for a long time it will still be hard to have another American black president. After Benedict 16 retirement we have seen things change in the international order, a pope selected from South America (Latin) than Europe. Where is the goodness and love in this. Iam not happy about it. Its good to have people like Ngcuka on the United Nations, I been on their United Nations Online Volunteer Programme to help and be open on my business entrepreneurship programmes to such an extent the United Nations invited me to apply for the 2016 UN Secretary General position. I have project for 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, the 4th Industrialisation, etc. As Haile Selassie I said “it has been the inactionnnnnnnnnnnnnn, their indifference that has made it for the evil to triamp over good. I stood a chance to be on the right position. Anyway even the Great Britain broken its ties with the European Union. I can be busy on my own with what I have. I see people that putup with each other too much.


Global Moral Always Rules

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi with Internative Digital @756Writing


With me at UWC they did this to Haile Selassie glory: “Niccolo
Machiavelli (1469-1527) an Italian politician and political
philosopher. After a frustrated political career Machiavelli turned to writing. His best book known are “The Prince” (1513) and “Discourse” (1514). In the Prince he argues, even though leaders should appear virtuous and honorable, the successful ruler is the person who acts without regard for conventional morality. Rulers should do what ever it takes to preserve liberty and economic glory on behalf of the state, this makes state survival a value in its self”. I think he is supporting Emperor Haile Selassie. HIM is divine mighty ruler forever, ambushes don’t work. Nobody can over throw HIM Royalness. HIM is the most high.

Also Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu is our father he is good. My life is good so far because of leaders like him. With moral leadership Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki did well but as its an inclusive democracy depending on majority choice more people lack education to inform their choice for the better.

Our nation is set for accountability. We have a great constitutional democracy.


Our constitutional democracy is strong, its people through hardwork will always find ways to keep it well. Our democracy empowers everyone.

As Iam a liberal ideal Rastafarian I find that Dr Joelien Pretorius
together with Kenny Bafo they did this to me in rememberance of the battle of the Adwa, were with Haile Selassie in charge Ethiopia defeated Benito Musolini when Italy tried to invade Ethiopia.


With Mengistu Haile Mariam defeat it was just because of Emperor Haile Selassie ignorance at its best.

In the 1960 Mandela got arrested for 27 years when he went to leaders like Selassie for military help and support.

Eversince the organisation of Africa in the 1960s, leaders like
Haile Selassie, Kwame Nkruma, etc even while South Africa was not free, with Nelson Mandela going to meet them  for support, then get jailed, in significance Africa and the world had to wait for him till he was released on the 1990s. He peacefully freed our nation for democracy, for that then we can all say we are free. So these leaders are effective in their rule.


So the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) was not well organised, because South Africa was not free from apartheid. Until it came to civilised decision. Starting a new free democratic nation that we can enjoy as Africans. Our people did well to recognise the accomplishment. Even Thabo Mbeki became the first chairperson when in 2001 the OAU became the African Union (AU). Thats what goodness consideration ruling does. Its about sharing rules. In the world we have reached foundation of our best interest for solution. They will always stand over. Lets deal with it ignorance never really helps. We can never abandon available good ways of doing things. That even caught up with South Africa the last nation to be liberated in Africa.


All these leaders I have mentioned above have proved that
conventional morality does work, in that field they have been
distinct, they have lead us right. I think I am patient with our
nation and African rule.

McGowan, P. & Nel, P. 2002. Power, wealth and global equity: An International Relations Text Book For Africans. UCT Press


Baylis, J. & Smith, S. 2005. The globalisation of world politics: An introduction to international relations. Oxford University press


By: Sivuyile S. Sesi. With Internative Digital @756Writing

Business is about doing what people like, with timetable, prototyping and curating, you do that making your business to growth.

You can do that following the days of the week for an example. For that having a theme for each day or period. Like on Monday is the start of the week and for that day you do what is found to be in energy or mood of the employees in your company. This can finely motivate and pick their mood up each day well set building continuos momentum. This way you can be efficient and effective. For an example you can start with hardwork early at first during the day and week. In that if you follow you can have coordinated, aligned and if you are closely listening and observing to your company and its environment activities you can have or find synergy of the week to month to year. This way in your planning you will be able to set programmes and assign well on schedules and projects. Each date of the day can have company values and motives attached to it. With this you will gain technical vision and have foresight strategy.

From days of the week as you observe how your system activities work you can take note and collect data that you can use to eliminate processes, technologies, etc that dont work or are less efficient and consider time saving, more productive ways. And add ways that are more productive. This way you can also find other better new ways and emerging solutions realised along the way that you can use, then growing your business.

For Nguni people for an example its like our names system or network which if you follow you find it saves a lot of what we find valuable to keep. With following what is there on personal names of people even professional help you can find a process on which to start with to the last. Their names state what they are for in our lives. If you follow its true happening you can find a person that can help you for what you want and its that kind of person you must connect to or ask from at a moment. Its truth happen whether you know it or not. It take consciousness to notice it. This can help you work well with your employees and appeal from your customers. They relate with it. So in this you can cultural, design, radical innovate.

When doing business an example of work that this can useful on is if you are an online information or articles curator. Setting your articles in a way that follow each other in an interesting, appealing, or logical way from time to time. It has to make sense to your audience. This is a way to give customer experience. So its important to do your customer network research, observe, take the data and analyse your customers interests and use the information you find to serve them accordingly. From there and forward you can keep changing, improving and upgrading the functioning of your business to achieve the required results or output. With this that is how you start noticing other new ways you did not see or find before that can add value to your business more than you thought before. So analysing this way is good to stay open.

An analyses tool that you can use for this is Computational Thinking Analyses. You can plan the Computational Thinking concepts: the Decomposition, Algorithms, Pattern Recognition and Obstructing. As Each year is different with new clients and new challenges and new ideas, getting employees you can use this tool for growth patterns. With Computational Thinking concept you will be able to be discoverer and be innovative.

With this you can see what clients buy, what interest them, how do they explore your website, able to notice what is the time to time changes. With it you can do data analysis for your website, blog, email marketing, newsletter, etc. This way you can stay relevant and keep up with your audience. This way you can know what kind of employees to invest on, be able to keep up with resources and work condition or environment you want. This is a way of doing customized services. In return for treating your customers special they can see what you do for them for that they can reward you.

So look at the ways you do business to set and grow your enterprize. This way you can solve global challenges with more people and communities benefiting. In all that is how corporations are able to bring industry innovation.


By: Sivuyile S. Sesi @756Writing

On the 17 March 2016 I became a runner up winner for the Western Cape Government Internet Competition Written Story Catergory Award. When I entered for the competition in December 2015 they liked my story in for personal and career development through business entrepreneurship regardless of starting from zero capital. I was given an award certificate and a Proline Tablet PC by Mr Alan Winde Minister of Economic Opportunities. This is the second competition I win around Cape Town, another one I entered my digital business on a business plan competition.


Thinking of those years, in 2006/7, while I was doing my first year at University of the Western Cape, through volunteering to Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE UWC) and Youth
Initiative for Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development (YIELD) –, by Prof Linda de Vries of Marketing would give me her office to do my studies. Also she gave me a job both those years as an Office Assistant helping keep her office organised. I feel to just cant forget the quality of SIFE UWC and YIELD with Prof as our Faculty Adviser and Mr Khutso Ramontja in charge. No wonder they won the 2005 SIFE National Competition. On 2006 SIFE National Competition with me as SIFE UWC Projects Manager our team won the third position. I still think we were the best. Its just that ” #WeAllWin” thats what their slogan say now with the new Enactus as in 2012 they changed SIFE to that new name. With us while it was SIFE the slogan was “Changing the world”. On the 2006 SIFE National Competition as SIFE UWC were on the finals the judges asked us a technology question. I answered the question for our team. The SIFE University of KwaZulu Natal team that showed us live on stage how they struggling with technos,
they took time to set up their technology to do their presentation, they became winners. And SIFE University of Pretoria became 2nd position. Our team Faculty
Adviser Prof Linda de Vries was selected to coach SIFE UKZN, as winners they were to represent South Africa on the 2006 SIFE International Competition I think in Paris. Eish 2008 doctor’s orders stopping me for a while on my studies.


3 March 2016

The purpose of the Ministry of Economic Opportunities is to give advice and support to stakeholders in the economy that promote growth and jobs provision. Our role is specially client-facing, requiring daily interaction with entrepreneurs and business people.

To strengthen our involvement with the economy, we set ourselves the aim of becoming the most easy accessible government ministry office in the whole South Africa, and took practical steps to attain this.

On the 3rd of March 2016, the ministry officially opened its doors at a new location- 140 Long Street, Cape Town. What was once free government space has been turned into an open, vibrant office that welcomes residents with an appointment, as well as walk-ins, on a daily basis.

To make sure residents feel welcome at our offices, we have also signed up to participate in a new initiative called First Thurday (

Every first Thursday of the month, we will stay open until 9pm, along with other shops, galleries and attractions in the CBD, as part of an exciting programme so as to encourage the citizens to explore their city.

“Residence with ideas to grow our economy and create jobs are encouraged to visit us to share their ideas on these dedicated open evenings.

My team and I will be on hand to welcome them.”- Alan Winde On these evenings, the ministry space will also be made a platform for innovators and produces to showcase their South African made goods…

“We are looking forward to playing our part by providing an inviting space for engagement on our economy, and to welcoming you to the most accessible government ministry in South Africa”- Alan Winde


In life internet keeps me preoccupied and busy. With it I have improved and supplemented my qualifications with other free courses and good articles. It has kept me informed and updated with what is happening in my field of study and business. With internet I have learnt to make my own work. I am sharing all that on the internet with others. With internet I feel useful and good. Easily entering for entrepreneurship competition, bursaries, global challenges, try to sell my work and other opportunities. Every day, I find reasons to focus and stay out of the streets, do something constructive to improve my life and share great moments with others, that is wonderful. It has groomed me.

As I started an online Communications and Marketing business from nothing internet has been the oil that keeps it going because its cheap. In my community you get free internet access.

As I have finished my degree and struggling for money to look for jobs internet has been keeping my career going that is how I have even gained confidence in entrepreneurship. Trying to perfect my skills and gaining experience with what I have, I have established an online portfolio, blogs, websites, logos and pages using free internet resources for that I have something to market myself. With that my brand for a start have been gaining public awareness and trust.

With the internet its cheaper to keep my business going. It has brought hope for my business and career. Its easy to get fresh knowledge or information and do research. It has opened multiple options for me. I know what I will focus on as soon as I get means to academically further my studies in Software or Application Development.

I am about people and profits through the internet and technology. On the internet I have went through personal and career development programmes like the 30 Days and 7 Days Forgiveness Challenge by Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu, 21 Days Meditation Experience by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak, Google Computational Thinking Course, Google Digital Marketing Course, etc.

I have written over 70 online articles with about 400 constructive comments. With those articles now I am preparing to write books and create my own online course, sell it to make sales for my business.

Here is my humanitarian entrepreneurship work:


By: Sivuyile S. Sesi @756Writing

THE SPARK THAT RESULTED IN SO SAID RACIST TWEETS. They just cry freedom. Last year on the 31st December, Thursday reminded by Manchester United facebook page post about Sir Alex Ferguson’s birthday, that day on my facebook I posted “Irieness has costed my priorities and smart moves that I had no way to complain. Yoh crime doesn’t pay”. I started being a Manchester United Fan when he retired as a coach. By Monday, 4th of January 2016, starting the new week, which was the beginning of business for the year, places opening from holidays. Then still alive as Lucky Dube sang that “Crime doesn’t pay, education is the key”.

I guess then my posts became a spark because the Democratic Alliance leader Penny Sparrow likened KwaZulu Natal province beach goers to monkeys, that, that is how they are.Now you see the connection between Monday, key, monkey and man. Then the Standard Bank boss/ economist, Chris Hart also did his part on the whole circus on social media, also found to be about racism. How about those that work under him? Hart did well for resigning this week.

It took me to the end of 2015 #RhodesMustFall and #FeesMustFall student protest, that here it goes again in 2016. And also that was the week for Angie Motshekga the Minister of Basic Education to announce the Matric 2015 results, the Western Cape had top pass rate and the Eastern Cape was the last in all provinces. Also with Independent Examination Board results already announced that weekend with 98.3% passrate. That was the week that set the standard and determines the future of South African young people, especially having to pass to further your studies to tertiary institutions. An issue that was still hard to solve in 2015 at our universities

This whole spark reminds me of the ganja struggle for success, how it has costed my priorities and smart moves, making me now broke.

I know I was suppose now to be painful but I am not complaining, they say inyembezi zam aziweli phantsi (my tears wont fall down), its nothing, things will workout. Jah will see me through.

As a spark I feel that something is being done about it, I see that from the things that are happening.

I talk expressing my self then something happens. Ayipheli into ndiyithetha( I make sense). For me I am loyal to our democracy here and else where. I call on all the people lets rise up to the occasion.

Ever since studying at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) I have been challenges by the monkey business or socialism making me to ask how social affiliation is measured, what is happening with that.Believe me I am humbled, I had studied at UWC, being around Bellville.

I think I know how Lucky Dube felt ever since 2007. With the national condition in 2005 to 2009. That also the years I lost my (grand) ma, may their soul Rest In Peace. On his song Lucky Dube said “you don’t have to know my political affiliation … or … my religious affiliation, give me Respect… I want to see respect”. That time I was still concerned for Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu as he was still UWC Chancellor to graduate me, on doctors order I dropped out. In that situation uLucky Dube ngumfeli wethu ( he is like our savior). That moment Bongi Dube came with an album that ” I don’t want to go around shaking hands with my enemies”, that “uyimbali”. Wyclif Jean also release a song that ‘Lucky Dube is a prophet’.

I wish we aligned with leaders like Helen Zille and Thabo Mbeki. They held themselves in positions with honour. Not what is happening now, the social networks going bananas in Mzansi or should I say that is RSA for you. Racist Econo- Political leadership indicating lack of moral. The Tutus to guide us are old, they have done their work universally, yet a lot still need to be done for us, more of by us to reach their levels and do more. A lot needs to be done.

Cliff was right when he said this monkey business was freedom of speech. He got fired for that as MNET Idols judge, and the court ruled on his favor and he got his job back. Focusing on racism waste everyones time with nothing to gain. Lets keep away from it. Lets set it out of our system.

The good leaders I mentioned in this writing their words and work still lives on, for those who still want to make a good progress to better life, that is still relevant.

South Africa is given respect internationally because of them. They have set the foundation, standard and conditioned us well.

We are free that means its up to each individual to do success for his life. Now its still the time lets not be distracted by negativity.

From the young age we need to take education seriously, its the process to success. It allows men and women to be independent. It is a key to true freedom, than succumbing to failures of racism.

Nobody thought me that, this written here is my own consciousness. Can I say I have a spiritual power

This nation was built on premises of goodness and peace. That’s the way we always prevail. For me I can say I see no racism in this but just working class foolishness. Clearly we want an open society, where everyone is free. And its true education that make us live a better life.Let us be beautiful like Mandela and Mbeki


By: Sivuyile S. Sesi with Internative Digital @756Writing

While I was still at high school doing matric at Thembelihle Senior Secondary School in 2005, our school took us to the University of the Western Cape (UWC) open day  to learn about different careers we can follow at UWC. I got lucky to receive a free registration fee prize to study at UWC the following year and it was the start of great spiritual growth.

When I was born in 1984  Father Desmond Tutu received a Nobel Peace Prize. Eish I took too long to graduate, as I started at UWC in 2006, at age 22. If did not dropout 2008, the year President Thabo Mbeki was recalled and of global depression could had been my final year. I could have been graduated by him in March 2009, in time as he was retiring in 2011 as UWC chancellor.

As I dropped out I came back in 2010 the year UWC celebrating 50 anniverssary since its establishment and year of the Fifa World Cup, to finish my Bachelor of Arts degree, that year was so great as even a lecturer Dr Joeleen Pretorius at her final lecture in front of the class called me saying “Mr Sesi man of peace and love What do you think of the International Relations” that she was lecturing as I was seriously listening to understand I replied with “no comment” I did not expect for her to select me.
But now like the Tutus she opened me. On my own I had really written a lot about politics and International relations, I am doing projects with United Nations, etc. I want to be great international icon like Tutu, Mandela, Graca, Anan, etc. And 2011 happened to be my final and even if it gave me a hard time, with that challenge I missed about 3 marks to pass English Functional Grammar and graduate in 2012 as the first group of students under the new Chancellor Archbishop of the Cape Town Anglican Church Dr Thabo Cecil Mokgoba.
I am still thankful for every experience I had at UWC I enjoyed myself.
Eish even for Father Tutu in 2011 was a hard year as the government couldn’t allow His Holiness Dalai Lama to attend to his invite to address the first annual Desmond  Tutu International Peace Lecture at UWC to mark Tutus 80th birthday. For that he had to deliver it online through Google hangout.
On the 12 March 2013 the day of selecting a new pope as Pope Benedict XVI retired end 2012, on the 12th I became the second group to graduate under the new Chancellor Thabo Mokgoba. He is great I am still happy.
I remember that I became graduate on the year former president Nelson Mandela passed away. He said that education is the weapon that you can use to change the world, and he believed that education is how a child of a farm worker can become a president of a country…. That directly talks to me. Individually it signifies a new happy era, and I believe I have a brighter future.
I have become a good writer, not even the sky is the limit. With that happening I have been watching my spiritual consciousness change and grow.
As we celebrate 22 years of democracy and peace in South Africa lets take note.

I think I have always aligned with father Desmond Tutu.

When I came at our high school in 1999, our school still in town, District Six was Zinza Senior Secondary School. Me doing standard 6 (Grade 8) we were taking free buses to this school while still in town. School was good with my friends, some I came with
from primary school, ooEddy, Lonwabo, etc.

In year 2000 our school new building was finished, Zinza was then moved to Town Two in Khayelitsha. Launching the new school in 2001 our school became Thembelihle Senior Secondary School  with Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Cape Town Njongonkulu Ndungane present as key speaker to open the school.

Also while I was still at Thembelihle Senior Secondary School in 2003 to 2005 I was in the Township Debating League (TDL), a programme provided by Univeristy of Cape Town students. We held tournaments at our schools and University of Cape Town.

Straight to University of the Western Cape in 2006

It was good when in Matric, Thembelihle Senior Secondary School took us to University of the Western Cape Career Open Day. At
University of the Western Cape open day I won a registration bursary.

That’s how then I ended up settling  to study at University of the Western Cape. The Anglican Church of Cape Town Archbishop Emeritus before Njongonkulu Ndungane, Mr Desmond Tutu was still a Chancellor at University of the Western Cape, he retired
in 2011 at University of the Western Cape. Njongonkulu Ndungane now is the Chair of Council at University of Cape Town with Graca Machel the widow of Nelson Mandela as the Chancellor.

When from dropping out at University of the Western Cape in 2008 then coming back in 2010 I ended graduating 12th March 2013 by the new Chancellor and current Anglican Church Archbishop Thabo Mokgoba. It was a happy day for me being accompanied by my sister

Thokozile Sesi and his friend. I truly enjoyed.

Also when I dropped out at University of the Western Cape in 2008, while living at my parents house in Crossroads I joined drama classes with Nyanga Arts Development, from there a University of Cape Town student in our drama class group told us about the SHAWCO Masizikhulise Programme. With them I did 4 months Information Technology and Entrepreneurship Courses.

So I have always been aligned with father DesMOND Tutu all my life. From 1984 when I born, him receiving a Nobel Peace Prize, to studying at University of the Western Cape, etc to meeting him at Central Home Affairs in Cape Town 2012.

PLEASE JOIN THE FORGIVENESS CHALLENGE- For me it softened all the anguish, and made me look at people better: