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#EMPOWERMENT: Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka runs all the women of the world, internationally.

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi #InternativeDigital @756Writing


With Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka the world must heal relaxing under the deep blue sea reflecting under the blue sky with moon and sunshine, stars and other plan@s in the galaxy universe.

No wonder we failed the 2023 Rugby World Cups and still Miss South Africa became Miss Universe, there is peace (its because of xhosa).

Thabo Mbeki is the Chancellor of the Unisa. That is the universe policy DNA or Blueprint clearly without uqhusaa and izixholoxholo (unpolluted). Its the context the Forensic of Police crime scene situation. The universe is making its computational process algorithemic technic to sort of use my Computational Thinking Internet of Things and Cyber expertise on the univesal environment.

We are human above all other species on earth or universe, I guess to believe.

Our notion on a call to interconnect the different units of the international world together. Mother nature is regaining and empowerment of women and their rights has been the key move.

Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka is doing a great job. As a South African who gains high regards of our nation and its heritage I look up to her. She is the Goddass of current condition we live under.

With strong women like Helen Zille retiring in party politics positions I still put out the rest of our current environmental condition to Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka to be top notch of it.


The Culture of ukuNyeMBA, I Grew up, Respecting it.

Is to grow up to be a decent person in lifestyle and moral. I bet uNyeMBA is Masters in Business Admin quick fixture for its type of society..

That education ka obawu Nyembe is enough on its self for its people. Atleast if you get in school have fun.

With his people Fikile Mbalula was the ANC Youth League leader during Nelson Mandela’s presidency because of that.

Fikile Mbalula find it his political calling to twist shut it. He was
brought up in the ANC Youth League crowds to its leadership. Mbalula
is in parliament to let down of ukunyemba.

In South Africa few people who perfect it well like Lindiwe Mazibuko, as a black citizen she is aware of what that means, she practises it. That is why on Jacob Zuma’s second term she rather went for progress to do her education to study Masters in Public Administration at Harvard University.

The world waited for Nelson Mandela to be released from prison, he came and freed our nation. In significance the 1990s were the official diplomacy between Africa and Europe. It takes it beyond the 1960s for the Europeans first came to Africa through the Cape. No wonder to mention people prisoned in Cape Town at the Robben Island, leaders like Lindwe Mazibuko are the next young generation of the current struggle. We all want to be like her, etc.

Obawo Unyembe get inspired with their work, they got those they waiting to see everyday and at school, learners, principal, teachers, etc.

If you look close enough you see that Nyembe, Zizo Beda, Lindiwe Mazibuko seems alike on face value featured, at different places they are but main on government popularity.

The nation facilitates ukunyemba. That is why for an example Amanda Meke would post on Facebook like that “Kanye hahahahah”. In her thoughts she is frontier about such. When she would do it like that I would feel she doing ukunyemba. For her she is looking at it in a community cultural way. She lives in Gugulethu and is a Fine Music Graduate from the University of Cape Town.

Leaders like Lucky Dube dont mind learning from the people passing remarks because he find it that his people teach that way even at the public school anyway, for that even after seeing it the same to learn from the passing remarks, especially as such end up not being a profession preference.

At their differences they are people seeing thinking for themselves following. Is this the democracy we want or have to enrich more people especially the young on the forefront of their political career. Lindiwe Mazibuko know education is key path to take the progress of the nation further. Thats how I get the true lessons from her, its quality of ukunyemba.