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By: Sivuyile S. Sesi @756Writing

On the 17 March 2016 I became a runner up winner for the Western Cape Government Internet Competition Written Story Catergory Award. When I entered for the competition in December 2015 they liked my story in for personal and career development through business entrepreneurship regardless of starting from zero capital. I was given an award certificate and a Proline Tablet PC by Mr Alan Winde Minister of Economic Opportunities. This is the second competition I win around Cape Town, another one I entered my digital business on a business plan competition.


Thinking of those years, in 2006/7, while I was doing my first year at University of the Western Cape, through volunteering to Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE UWC) and Youth
Initiative for Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development (YIELD) –, by Prof Linda de Vries of Marketing would give me her office to do my studies. Also she gave me a job both those years as an Office Assistant helping keep her office organised. I feel to just cant forget the quality of SIFE UWC and YIELD with Prof as our Faculty Adviser and Mr Khutso Ramontja in charge. No wonder they won the 2005 SIFE National Competition. On 2006 SIFE National Competition with me as SIFE UWC Projects Manager our team won the third position. I still think we were the best. Its just that ” #WeAllWin” thats what their slogan say now with the new Enactus as in 2012 they changed SIFE to that new name. With us while it was SIFE the slogan was “Changing the world”. On the 2006 SIFE National Competition as SIFE UWC were on the finals the judges asked us a technology question. I answered the question for our team. The SIFE University of KwaZulu Natal team that showed us live on stage how they struggling with technos,
they took time to set up their technology to do their presentation, they became winners. And SIFE University of Pretoria became 2nd position. Our team Faculty
Adviser Prof Linda de Vries was selected to coach SIFE UKZN, as winners they were to represent South Africa on the 2006 SIFE International Competition I think in Paris. Eish 2008 doctor’s orders stopping me for a while on my studies.


3 March 2016

The purpose of the Ministry of Economic Opportunities is to give advice and support to stakeholders in the economy that promote growth and jobs provision. Our role is specially client-facing, requiring daily interaction with entrepreneurs and business people.

To strengthen our involvement with the economy, we set ourselves the aim of becoming the most easy accessible government ministry office in the whole South Africa, and took practical steps to attain this.

On the 3rd of March 2016, the ministry officially opened its doors at a new location- 140 Long Street, Cape Town. What was once free government space has been turned into an open, vibrant office that welcomes residents with an appointment, as well as walk-ins, on a daily basis.

To make sure residents feel welcome at our offices, we have also signed up to participate in a new initiative called First Thurday (

Every first Thursday of the month, we will stay open until 9pm, along with other shops, galleries and attractions in the CBD, as part of an exciting programme so as to encourage the citizens to explore their city.

“Residence with ideas to grow our economy and create jobs are encouraged to visit us to share their ideas on these dedicated open evenings.

My team and I will be on hand to welcome them.”- Alan Winde On these evenings, the ministry space will also be made a platform for innovators and produces to showcase their South African made goods…

“We are looking forward to playing our part by providing an inviting space for engagement on our economy, and to welcoming you to the most accessible government ministry in South Africa”- Alan Winde


In life internet keeps me preoccupied and busy. With it I have improved and supplemented my qualifications with other free courses and good articles. It has kept me informed and updated with what is happening in my field of study and business. With internet I have learnt to make my own work. I am sharing all that on the internet with others. With internet I feel useful and good. Easily entering for entrepreneurship competition, bursaries, global challenges, try to sell my work and other opportunities. Every day, I find reasons to focus and stay out of the streets, do something constructive to improve my life and share great moments with others, that is wonderful. It has groomed me.

As I started an online Communications and Marketing business from nothing internet has been the oil that keeps it going because its cheap. In my community you get free internet access.

As I have finished my degree and struggling for money to look for jobs internet has been keeping my career going that is how I have even gained confidence in entrepreneurship. Trying to perfect my skills and gaining experience with what I have, I have established an online portfolio, blogs, websites, logos and pages using free internet resources for that I have something to market myself. With that my brand for a start have been gaining public awareness and trust.

With the internet its cheaper to keep my business going. It has brought hope for my business and career. Its easy to get fresh knowledge or information and do research. It has opened multiple options for me. I know what I will focus on as soon as I get means to academically further my studies in Software or Application Development.

I am about people and profits through the internet and technology. On the internet I have went through personal and career development programmes like the 30 Days and 7 Days Forgiveness Challenge by Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu, 21 Days Meditation Experience by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak, Google Computational Thinking Course, Google Digital Marketing Course, etc.

I have written over 70 online articles with about 400 constructive comments. With those articles now I am preparing to write books and create my own online course, sell it to make sales for my business.

Here is my humanitarian entrepreneurship work:



By Sivuyile S. Sesi @756Writing

Great brands in digital marketing are those with undying spirit in educating and training the audience about their services. Using their services whether paying or free you see the prospects of what you doing with them. Its wonderful that South Africa is not slacking behind in digital marketing. We getting there with it. The last two brands below are South African. is the well established educational online community. They make it their responsibility to train clients about their features. With their online courses you get certification and badges as you use them for advertising purposes. In digital marketing they
dominating the internet. They are widely known for their search engine exposing advertiser worldwide. Their Pay Per Click is cheaper because to advertise with them you can bid at any budget.

On you can submit stories about how helpful your business is to the public. They have a large readership and its awake with constructive commentary. They supportive to brands. As I show case online I quote them as the reference of how satisfactory are my services. Also when sharing your articles on Google+ they
allow my account to directly send my newsletters and marketing content to the email inboxes of my circles and I have about 1500 circles following me worldwide. I have already earned the 50th article award with them. Brand awareness is key for growth and future prospects. Now people are familiar with my online brand because of such platforms.

On they list different business brands according to their sectors. In my research about the communications and marketing industry the internet exposed me to them. Their site its helpful as they have collection of different businesses according to their products or services. Best companies around South Africa are aware of their platform as they showcase with them. All the digital marketing platforms I mentioned above are SEO effective and they send helpful and practical newsletters and information for the people.