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The Culture of ukuNyeMBA, I Grew up, Respecting it.

Is to grow up to be a decent person in lifestyle and moral. I bet uNyeMBA is Masters in Business Admin quick fixture for its type of society..

That education ka obawu Nyembe is enough on its self for its people. Atleast if you get in school have fun.

With his people Fikile Mbalula was the ANC Youth League leader during Nelson Mandela’s presidency because of that.

Fikile Mbalula find it his political calling to twist shut it. He was
brought up in the ANC Youth League crowds to its leadership. Mbalula
is in parliament to let down of ukunyemba.

In South Africa few people who perfect it well like Lindiwe Mazibuko, as a black citizen she is aware of what that means, she practises it. That is why on Jacob Zuma’s second term she rather went for progress to do her education to study Masters in Public Administration at Harvard University.

The world waited for Nelson Mandela to be released from prison, he came and freed our nation. In significance the 1990s were the official diplomacy between Africa and Europe. It takes it beyond the 1960s for the Europeans first came to Africa through the Cape. No wonder to mention people prisoned in Cape Town at the Robben Island, leaders like Lindwe Mazibuko are the next young generation of the current struggle. We all want to be like her, etc.

Obawo Unyembe get inspired with their work, they got those they waiting to see everyday and at school, learners, principal, teachers, etc.

If you look close enough you see that Nyembe, Zizo Beda, Lindiwe Mazibuko seems alike on face value featured, at different places they are but main on government popularity.

The nation facilitates ukunyemba. That is why for an example Amanda Meke would post on Facebook like that “Kanye hahahahah”. In her thoughts she is frontier about such. When she would do it like that I would feel she doing ukunyemba. For her she is looking at it in a community cultural way. She lives in Gugulethu and is a Fine Music Graduate from the University of Cape Town.

Leaders like Lucky Dube dont mind learning from the people passing remarks because he find it that his people teach that way even at the public school anyway, for that even after seeing it the same to learn from the passing remarks, especially as such end up not being a profession preference.

At their differences they are people seeing thinking for themselves following. Is this the democracy we want or have to enrich more people especially the young on the forefront of their political career. Lindiwe Mazibuko know education is key path to take the progress of the nation further. Thats how I get the true lessons from her, its quality of ukunyemba.



By: Sivuyile S. Sesi @756Writing

THE SPARK THAT RESULTED IN SO SAID RACIST TWEETS. They just cry freedom. Last year on the 31st December, Thursday reminded by Manchester United facebook page post about Sir Alex Ferguson’s birthday, that day on my facebook I posted “Irieness has costed my priorities and smart moves that I had no way to complain. Yoh crime doesn’t pay”. I started being a Manchester United Fan when he retired as a coach. By Monday, 4th of January 2016, starting the new week, which was the beginning of business for the year, places opening from holidays. Then still alive as Lucky Dube sang that “Crime doesn’t pay, education is the key”.

I guess then my posts became a spark because the Democratic Alliance leader Penny Sparrow likened KwaZulu Natal province beach goers to monkeys, that, that is how they are.Now you see the connection between Monday, key, monkey and man. Then the Standard Bank boss/ economist, Chris Hart also did his part on the whole circus on social media, also found to be about racism. How about those that work under him? Hart did well for resigning this week.

It took me to the end of 2015 #RhodesMustFall and #FeesMustFall student protest, that here it goes again in 2016. And also that was the week for Angie Motshekga the Minister of Basic Education to announce the Matric 2015 results, the Western Cape had top pass rate and the Eastern Cape was the last in all provinces. Also with Independent Examination Board results already announced that weekend with 98.3% passrate. That was the week that set the standard and determines the future of South African young people, especially having to pass to further your studies to tertiary institutions. An issue that was still hard to solve in 2015 at our universities

This whole spark reminds me of the ganja struggle for success, how it has costed my priorities and smart moves, making me now broke.

I know I was suppose now to be painful but I am not complaining, they say inyembezi zam aziweli phantsi (my tears wont fall down), its nothing, things will workout. Jah will see me through.

As a spark I feel that something is being done about it, I see that from the things that are happening.

I talk expressing my self then something happens. Ayipheli into ndiyithetha( I make sense). For me I am loyal to our democracy here and else where. I call on all the people lets rise up to the occasion.

Ever since studying at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) I have been challenges by the monkey business or socialism making me to ask how social affiliation is measured, what is happening with that.Believe me I am humbled, I had studied at UWC, being around Bellville.

I think I know how Lucky Dube felt ever since 2007. With the national condition in 2005 to 2009. That also the years I lost my (grand) ma, may their soul Rest In Peace. On his song Lucky Dube said “you don’t have to know my political affiliation … or … my religious affiliation, give me Respect… I want to see respect”. That time I was still concerned for Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu as he was still UWC Chancellor to graduate me, on doctors order I dropped out. In that situation uLucky Dube ngumfeli wethu ( he is like our savior). That moment Bongi Dube came with an album that ” I don’t want to go around shaking hands with my enemies”, that “uyimbali”. Wyclif Jean also release a song that ‘Lucky Dube is a prophet’.

I wish we aligned with leaders like Helen Zille and Thabo Mbeki. They held themselves in positions with honour. Not what is happening now, the social networks going bananas in Mzansi or should I say that is RSA for you. Racist Econo- Political leadership indicating lack of moral. The Tutus to guide us are old, they have done their work universally, yet a lot still need to be done for us, more of by us to reach their levels and do more. A lot needs to be done.

Cliff was right when he said this monkey business was freedom of speech. He got fired for that as MNET Idols judge, and the court ruled on his favor and he got his job back. Focusing on racism waste everyones time with nothing to gain. Lets keep away from it. Lets set it out of our system.

The good leaders I mentioned in this writing their words and work still lives on, for those who still want to make a good progress to better life, that is still relevant.

South Africa is given respect internationally because of them. They have set the foundation, standard and conditioned us well.

We are free that means its up to each individual to do success for his life. Now its still the time lets not be distracted by negativity.

From the young age we need to take education seriously, its the process to success. It allows men and women to be independent. It is a key to true freedom, than succumbing to failures of racism.

Nobody thought me that, this written here is my own consciousness. Can I say I have a spiritual power

This nation was built on premises of goodness and peace. That’s the way we always prevail. For me I can say I see no racism in this but just working class foolishness. Clearly we want an open society, where everyone is free. And its true education that make us live a better life.Let us be beautiful like Mandela and Mbeki


By: Sivuyile S. Sesi with Internative Digital @756Writing

While I was still at high school doing matric at Thembelihle Senior Secondary School in 2005, our school took us to the University of the Western Cape (UWC) open day  to learn about different careers we can follow at UWC. I got lucky to receive a free registration fee prize to study at UWC the following year and it was the start of great spiritual growth.

When I was born in 1984  Father Desmond Tutu received a Nobel Peace Prize. Eish I took too long to graduate, as I started at UWC in 2006, at age 22. If did not dropout 2008, the year President Thabo Mbeki was recalled and of global depression could had been my final year. I could have been graduated by him in March 2009, in time as he was retiring in 2011 as UWC chancellor.

As I dropped out I came back in 2010 the year UWC celebrating 50 anniverssary since its establishment and year of the Fifa World Cup, to finish my Bachelor of Arts degree, that year was so great as even a lecturer Dr Joeleen Pretorius at her final lecture in front of the class called me saying “Mr Sesi man of peace and love What do you think of the International Relations” that she was lecturing as I was seriously listening to understand I replied with “no comment” I did not expect for her to select me.
But now like the Tutus she opened me. On my own I had really written a lot about politics and International relations, I am doing projects with United Nations, etc. I want to be great international icon like Tutu, Mandela, Graca, Anan, etc. And 2011 happened to be my final and even if it gave me a hard time, with that challenge I missed about 3 marks to pass English Functional Grammar and graduate in 2012 as the first group of students under the new Chancellor Archbishop of the Cape Town Anglican Church Dr Thabo Cecil Mokgoba.
I am still thankful for every experience I had at UWC I enjoyed myself.
Eish even for Father Tutu in 2011 was a hard year as the government couldn’t allow His Holiness Dalai Lama to attend to his invite to address the first annual Desmond  Tutu International Peace Lecture at UWC to mark Tutus 80th birthday. For that he had to deliver it online through Google hangout.
On the 12 March 2013 the day of selecting a new pope as Pope Benedict XVI retired end 2012, on the 12th I became the second group to graduate under the new Chancellor Thabo Mokgoba. He is great I am still happy.
I remember that I became graduate on the year former president Nelson Mandela passed away. He said that education is the weapon that you can use to change the world, and he believed that education is how a child of a farm worker can become a president of a country…. That directly talks to me. Individually it signifies a new happy era, and I believe I have a brighter future.
I have become a good writer, not even the sky is the limit. With that happening I have been watching my spiritual consciousness change and grow.
As we celebrate 22 years of democracy and peace in South Africa lets take note.

If FIFA is a scam then the whole universe is a scam.

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi @756Writing

Money is freely inherent in the conspiracy blurred theory, with the satisfaction people keep on easily putting it. A person in comfort would put a stash in the system in satisfaction. You do things in sleep walk state than you would say in real state realm. So it is sleep, wake and reality. The truth we all existingly do.
Blatter has succeeded all these years in it because nobody can do it like him, on it he plays a big role through the test of time, we still love him he is amazing. He still has it in him to take FIFA forward but he is resigning, he did it while on high.
Also that once you observe you find that on the concentrate of conspiracy system you find that or notice that perfection is inherent on anything from that high as to the extent it has to trickle down.
What you do you just let it happen because you cannot find anything or you just dont know how to prove your findings or observation. America on FIFA might be going through such schizophrenic or illusion effect. It has watched and studied so now it thought it might gauge it somehow, somewhere and decide. To the people its normal they have to forgive conspiracy or perfection. They dont know how its happening and who causes it. Not even Sepp Blatter is in control of it. They are living with that. Others are addicted in being entertained by it. Others on its response putting money on it, others are luck to have their lives aligned with it. It provide them with positive intrinsic reward, comfort, wonders, realisation, memories and dreams others believable others unbelievable. Others enjoying or not enjoying they pay attention others it comes to their attention, aware or unaware they eventually know or realise.
Controlling or taking out or paying for that thing is unnecessary because it just happen as you do  the best at the purpose in your life or activity. Its just that when people appreciate they like to put money on it. In the FIFA case those guilty of scam they know its something beyond them. They are going through test of life. They must let loose, let the God of the universe be in control and learn their lesson

So if FIFA is a scam then the whole universe is a scam. Its inspiring people want to see things happen. Lets own up.

I feel free


To AMBRUMPT— Its a new word I felt and thought I must introduce. I felt it from Helen Zille’s Sunday announcement.

Its a Xhosa word better well sounding when used or suitable for English. In Xhosa (kumthi wambu ogqiba utsale ubuncwane balento uyenzayo while the opponent iziva buthathaka). Your opponent sort of caught up in your moment but only for your own benefit than him or her. Its about timing. It keep the opponent attached to the event or situation. It keeps him thinking about it too.

eg on the 12th of April, which Jacob Zuma’s birthday, Helen Zille announced that she not availing herself for another term as the Democratic Alliance leadership position in the next coming Federal Congress, 9th of May, after she has held the position for 8 years.

8 is for the year 2008, which her other opponent in politics, former president Thabo Mbeki was recalled. Which against Thabo Mbeki’s leadership as state president and African National Congress president in the 2006 Local Elections Helen Zille for the first time won as the mayor of the City of Cape Town.

Then Helen Zille in 2009 the first year Jacob Zuma was elected as the state president, she then rouse to win the position as the premier of the Western Cape.

So 9 is for year 2009 his now opponent, Jacob Zuma was elected president for the first time. So they all interconnected to the 12 April event that Helen Zille made her announcement to not avail herself for Democratic Alliance leadership.

She is making meaningful sharing of her great moments or successes which at the time she was at the top pick of her political career working with young and sharp Lindiwe Mazibuko.

Also as Jacob Zuma is uneducated, as he did not even finish primary school it is interesting that she made her announcement on a Sunday as the following day, Monday the schools are opening. History tells us that in Africa formal education started at churches.

As the president name is Jacob, a biblical name so he is attached. Lindiwe Mazibuko a former Democratic Alliance parliamentary leader who went to study Public Administration at Harvard University to get an dept knowledge of her work, at the end of year 2012 she delivered a motion of no confidence against Jacob Zuma in parliament, so the 12th means a lot to all of them. Date 2012-12-12 was the year in Christian calender was believed to be the end of the world. It means a lot to those who believe in that religion. (UJacob Zuma yena uzoba buthathaka), meaning he wont feel good or nice because DA used all of that to oppose him or his rule.

And you can tell that on her announcement Helen Zille wanted to address the need to be educated when holding leadership position and/ or government or public office. You can remember in South Africa we have people cheating to take positions without having the needed qualifications. DA has fought court battle against that, eg SABC boss, etc. Nelson Mandela believed that only through education that a child of a domestic worker can become a president.

As Jacob Zuma is the current intense competition or political opponent to Helen Zille, its bad energies or discomfort to him. He is to stay disturbed for some time. He is to remember Helen Zille for some time. Even those who are aware are to stay thinking about the event.

Its about mind hook or attachment. It may make what Jacob Zuma, Thabo Mbeki and those who are aware of the situation what they do next to think, talk or address what they realise from whatever Helen Zille said or what ever happened at that event.

Ambrumpt may create response or reaction directly or indirectly making it to have discourses remembered for sometime.

That means she had done her research, because she is using what they know or aware of for her own doing. As it is politics and dealing with public figures many people’s awareness will be affected. it is to keep them or followers of the story thinking.

All these dates and events are attached together or interconnected by meaning or significance. they have important interpretation to the people who engage with them.

We need to be patient with 2015.

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi @756Writing
This year started very well. People made stock and took resolutions, on the social networks it was buzzing.

We need to be patient with 2015, especially here in South Africa with our 21 years of democracy that Nelson Mandela left us with and  we sharing it with the rising of Afrika.

Second week of 2015 started on the 5th January, its business as usual. Many organizations will be kick starting . Few people may be looking forward but we all make life out of it.

Professionally, we should push even harder to further our careers.

I thought on the 11th January Sunday, if you shuttered others in 2014 expect to be shuttered in 2015. So you might as well hold on this week starting 12th this Monday to finish 18th Sunday. Even if you still at home not working also expect the out of the ordinary folks want to hear from you.

The world must relax its Afrikan time.

On your own pace start that initiative