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#EMPOWERMENT: Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka runs all the women of the world, internationally.

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi #InternativeDigital @756Writing


With Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka the world must heal relaxing under the deep blue sea reflecting under the blue sky with moon and sunshine, stars and other plan@s in the galaxy universe.

No wonder we failed the 2023 Rugby World Cups and still Miss South Africa became Miss Universe, there is peace (its because of xhosa).

Thabo Mbeki is the Chancellor of the Unisa. That is the universe policy DNA or Blueprint clearly without uqhusaa and izixholoxholo (unpolluted). Its the context the Forensic of Police crime scene situation. The universe is making its computational process algorithemic technic to sort of use my Computational Thinking Internet of Things and Cyber expertise on the univesal environment.

We are human above all other species on earth or universe, I guess to believe.

Our notion on a call to interconnect the different units of the international world together. Mother nature is regaining and empowerment of women and their rights has been the key move.

Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka is doing a great job. As a South African who gains high regards of our nation and its heritage I look up to her. She is the Goddass of current condition we live under.

With strong women like Helen Zille retiring in party politics positions I still put out the rest of our current environmental condition to Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka to be top notch of it.


Following Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka, Donald Trump, etc around Communism, eg Chris Hani, Cuba, etc.

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi #InternativeDigital @756Writing

Studying Sociology and Political Studies at UWC the university of the left made me know communist theories better. With that I been able to follow well stories of leaders like Chris Hani, Fidel Castro, etc. The university is proud of that. I find it fitting duringly that, specially that I was still a student there they build Health Science and Life Science building. Its relevant to the emanating of this ideology. As in Cuba I see UWC giving or providing us with good health professionals.

Karl Marx was criticising the capitalist superiority over the working class as unfair, with conflict. Leaders like Fidel Castro and Chris Hani were fighting for communism legimate superity over capitalism. With Fidel Castro nation it led to Cuba breaking ties with the United States capitalism for about 60 years until Barrack Obama and Fidel Castro’s brother united the two nations again. In South Africa the brewing of communism guarilla take over the Chris Hani, was shot dead as the nation was in negotiation for a new peaceful democracy. Taking to that the South Africa communism network lost a great leader.

I see they wondering about taking the trade centres. I guess its because I believe struggle is better than oppression, by doing International Relations or Political Science Honours and Masters can help the situation, peoples lives must improve, in that I believe we still need a good world.

As much as its found university relations wise University of the Western Cape one of the powerful institutions in South Africa and Africa.

Clintons are the people who made it possible for South Africa to turnout well after apartheid as needed the nation did good, well appreciated. As an entrepreneur I think the rise of Donald Trump is the defeat of the working class. On the 8th August 2012 the year of the end of the world and when Barrack Obama again was president, while I was redoing my (English) Functional Grammar to graduate, that day I was doing its assignment and also with a TFG job work pressure, Hilary Clinton was at UWC speaking about the topic: Going Global: the US- South Africa partnership, because I was doing a Telemarketing job at TFG I could not attend (reference the article). It feels close that Hilary Clinton was on the same yard as me.

American lady got her work, Donald Trump got no choice but to focus on his business.

Women are most responsible well with this situation at Donald Trump we have gained a lot from Desmond Tutu standard normal understanding.

Thabo Mbeki economically became the highest in Africa and emerging and middle economy globally. I call him the president of the emerging markets. Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki second best stance choice turnout well.

In Thabo Mbeki’s way of keeping our national heritage legitimate and rightful, in his Battle of the Soul of the ANC, to defend the nation, he had to brace himself fare seeing the great legacy of the organisation being dragged to the mud by leaders like Jacob Zuma. That is why Thabo Mbeki selected Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka for deputy president. He was helping the condition and environment the ANC struggled to attain.

The coloured people unity got network.

With the way our nation peacefully transitioned from apartheid to democracy De Klerk was with Nelson Mandela for them together on the 1993 to receive Nobel Peace Prize was due, they deserved it. Their good leadership defeated the violent political and criminal activities that wanted destruction and chaos. Robbing and killing people and businesses, with the police. Because of that our communities became better and harmonious. I must say I am happy with that.

Their leadership led to the effectiveness of the police in combating political and criminal violence that wanted to make our democracy ungovernable and take over. I credit them for all the peace and harmony in our townships and other communities nationwide. On this line, Desmond Tutu, FW de Klerk, Nelson Mandela and policeman were successful installing democratical peace in South Africa. They are worth the prize they received. It takes a great leader to be able to create peace with people or nation.

Chris Hani communist guerilla vibe end with gangsterism and mob justice in our communities, with all the cruel stories, police brought the peace. So far with the sustainable peace there has been great community developments in our townships, eg schools, shopping centres, jobs, etc.

All these leaders have been inspired by the ideology of communism. In the world they have made great contribution for its realisation.

A communist guerilla against apartheid innequality was also happening here in Nyanga. As a child I can still remember the moments experiencing it here in Crossroads, with Wit Dukwe (Duke) police, communist officer leaders, Nogwe, etc. Man like the Mhebhere poet Sizakele Gegana also known as Ndhlulamthi here got the unfolding of stories of people like Chris Thembekile Hani well. I see that in him.

Guys like former Minister Blade Nzimande doesnt mind being communist. With what is happening they have proved for the likes to have run out of time.

So far Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka to be the United Nations Executive Director she was appointed by and she was under the (former) Secretary General (Ben’ ki Moon). When the SG position was open, the UN sent the post to me as I am entrepreneurially participating on its 2015 Mallenium Development Goals and 2030 Sustainable Development Goals individual organisation to apply in 2016. In 2017 she is 61 years old.

Donald Trump comments on Africa:

The Culture of ukuNyeMBA, I Grew up, Respecting it.

Is to grow up to be a decent person in lifestyle and moral. I bet uNyeMBA is Masters in Business Admin quick fixture for its type of society..

That education ka obawu Nyembe is enough on its self for its people. Atleast if you get in school have fun.

With his people Fikile Mbalula was the ANC Youth League leader during Nelson Mandela’s presidency because of that.

Fikile Mbalula find it his political calling to twist shut it. He was
brought up in the ANC Youth League crowds to its leadership. Mbalula
is in parliament to let down of ukunyemba.

In South Africa few people who perfect it well like Lindiwe Mazibuko, as a black citizen she is aware of what that means, she practises it. That is why on Jacob Zuma’s second term she rather went for progress to do her education to study Masters in Public Administration at Harvard University.

The world waited for Nelson Mandela to be released from prison, he came and freed our nation. In significance the 1990s were the official diplomacy between Africa and Europe. It takes it beyond the 1960s for the Europeans first came to Africa through the Cape. No wonder to mention people prisoned in Cape Town at the Robben Island, leaders like Lindwe Mazibuko are the next young generation of the current struggle. We all want to be like her, etc.

Obawo Unyembe get inspired with their work, they got those they waiting to see everyday and at school, learners, principal, teachers, etc.

If you look close enough you see that Nyembe, Zizo Beda, Lindiwe Mazibuko seems alike on face value featured, at different places they are but main on government popularity.

The nation facilitates ukunyemba. That is why for an example Amanda Meke would post on Facebook like that “Kanye hahahahah”. In her thoughts she is frontier about such. When she would do it like that I would feel she doing ukunyemba. For her she is looking at it in a community cultural way. She lives in Gugulethu and is a Fine Music Graduate from the University of Cape Town.

Leaders like Lucky Dube dont mind learning from the people passing remarks because he find it that his people teach that way even at the public school anyway, for that even after seeing it the same to learn from the passing remarks, especially as such end up not being a profession preference.

At their differences they are people seeing thinking for themselves following. Is this the democracy we want or have to enrich more people especially the young on the forefront of their political career. Lindiwe Mazibuko know education is key path to take the progress of the nation further. Thats how I get the true lessons from her, its quality of ukunyemba.

With ukuNyemba (positive discrimination) let them pass their good remarks, OneLove.

By Sivuyile S. Sesi with Internative Digital @756Writing


THE VANGUARDISM: I think of the Thabo Mbeki to Patricia de Lille education good work mark, in the words of Bob Marley.

Abantu abaninzi abayenzayo lento ngabo bazixelele ukuba bazohlala bengalamakhwenkwe namantombi bangawo as enough. So that means its individuals who appreciate what they are and is happening in the now. They stay in the now. Nyembe make him or her the start being your close critic. Jacob Zuma have such leverage in his politic primary approach.

So the caretaker as a gatekeeper he is used to it and learners, he wait at the gate to correct and comment to learners or others who come at the school like community members, teachers, people asking questions about the school, they all used to each other.

For them they settle for unyemba at once because they believe that you are right being the first version of yourself. They believe they wouldnt be working happy on any other thing or stage, so they stick like glue to the job. They do away with anything that tries to change that. For an example between the learner and gatekeeper, those who do it well at school they are the best at it. As school, home, work, business, community, individuals, etc they here. Its about perfecting craft.

With this you bow your own and not enjoy others no matter what.

You dont wait for things to take time to be yourself or to do things. You still take regardless, thats how they do things and settle.

Unyemba is not thinking twice in trashing down even if its positive or helping you, just as you not moving. Unyemba uyazintwanisa (you sound kidding) when doing it. Qha lonto ikuqoqa usangena egeyithini yeskolo if you at school.

People who are doing it, its people like Lindiwe Mazibuko, it fits with who and how she is, its her calling. Eg she did not wait to do second term to Jacob Zuma but went to study at Harvard University. She was keeping in. And president Nelson Mandela have been forward, he has went through it. We waited for him from prison for 27 years until he was released on the 1990 to peacefully free the nation for democracy.

To leaders like Barrack Obama as president on first term to have one Pope, the second term to have another. That vibe ikukonyemba thats when you can start to notice things around other people that are just you, and not like. Also Lindiwe Mazibuko was the opposition parliamentary leader for one term at Jacob Zuma’s government, on the next term went to a school known for famous dropouts like Bill Gates.

Its also different like ukuzidibanisa or ukuzi mixer kwimbutho zabagxeki.

This is description reminds me of Tatu Nyembe a character from a local TV drama called Yizo-Yizo, on the film he was a school caretaker, who when he stands at the gate his role is to also clean students attitudes. He becomes famous for that.

The just 1st and 2nd of November 2017 is a must hold on ukuNyemba, nothing else for me.

THIS WEEK THOUGHTS: Like in 1st of November is suitable, as it continues to the 2nd, with an aim to listen. Its on peace of mind for man and women internal affairs. Its yours when its yours, you go and grow love for it. Its the bases for such places way of development. Its the gifted spark for the educated, highly recognised and blessed towards their honouring. Kind of regarding for the greatness of Nations when meeting. As its found ‘Luck is when opportunity meets preparation’. To me its what happened in 2010 with Dr Joelean Pretorius in her class last lecture of Political Studies International Relations, diplomatically recognising me as ‘Mr Sesi The Man of Peace and Love’, I hold my off regard, responding with a deep ‘No comment’, with UWC celebrating its 50th anniversary and also the year of 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

2010 is the year Professor Keith Gotschalk retired, his last class as a lecturer was with us, he treated our class with muffin scorns.

That is so MBA for ukuNYEMBA.

Suitable that the final was between Spain winner over Neitherlands (Holland).

And with Mr Kenny Mlungisi Bafo, 2011 in my 3rd year lecturing us on Political Studies Democracy module, in his class it was jack hardship experience. He would feature Dr Joelean Pretorius, also Dr Cherrel Africa. I find that babe Nyemba the through peaceful struggle attained Democracy our nation freed for all, as not working.

I even find a way in 2010 or early 2011 to attend Professor Keith Gotschalk last Political Studies Seminar as Head of Department, handing over to Professor Laurence Piper, the Seminar was on Pan Africanism, Chaired by Mr Kenny Bafo. I held it with great regard.

Any way Its amazing that I kept in and passed Political Studies. Such woke me to a lot.

Professor was still available at my Graduation day 12 March 2013 seating on the podium with the Students Representative Council (SRC) straight to me.

Interesting enough he started working at University of the Western Cape in 1984 the year I was born.

Uyandimbambazela Professor Keith Gotschalk.

Also the likes of President Nelson Mandela, President Thabo Mbeki and Emperor Haile Selassie I, to mention world renowned people of Africa, they trived well with such.

The Behaviour of Ukunyemba.

We have role models on our communities. For an example iCape Town inyembelekile to be the best.

This is the happening of big yards. When learners come to school,
work, etc especially with government or governance dependence and
influence they know they must be properly because at the entrance gates because they first pass to tatu nyembe. Whether its a transport drop of, etc you know its where you must come in.


Just show how everyone equally behave a role in keeping the community well with its people. Growing its young ones. It have you conscious than aware. Its forward ever, backward never prepares of where you are with what you have. Wanting nothing but only the best. Shutting anything that might make you think twice.
Once you do it well with everyone then the process.
How ukunyemba happens. You reward doing priorities and stress the
goodness in getting done.
Unyembelekile its when you have no choice but do what you have to do. Or when it must happen.

On first not the second term uLindiwe Mazibuko uyamdelela ngokumnyemba uZuma. She lost confidence in him.

Its terms are #Nyemba- do it. #Unyembelekile- its when you have. #Nyenjwa- done at you/ or happening at you. #Nyemba- it is what it is/ the process or ideology or those with soft heartsXa unyenjwa you can be on tears as you feel ke you are thrown onto disgrace.

With disgrace ikubuyisela backward to things you been through, that
you want to stay on as past because you think they belong there. You
rather chose to stay forward.

Ithink of my time at HIM Society in 2006/7 with Rasta leaders like Levi (Thandolwethu Sipuye) joining the office with what they were doing, I realised the idea concept or ideology of ukunyemba and I have seen it with even other high position leaders like Nelson Mandela, Barrack Obama, Lindiwe Mazibuko, etc. Its the positive discrimination. Levi’s was passionate life about it.

Recognising back another nobody’s King, Lucky Dube.

Continues on Lucky Dube’s music art craft. Lucky Dube sings that he is going back to his roots, clearly for me I find that its because of some party emanation he went to , they played shubidubi. I think he is into a micky mouse party, with beauty. That is why he did not enjoy it, for him it was ridiculous. With that chosing that ‘reggae is (mine)’ his. 
More richer he rather wanted politician like President Thabo (Mvuyelwa) Mbeki as fans few enough for his music resourceful or mineral wealth like.
Then on his last album he released a song called ‘Give me respect,’ going as ‘you dont have to know my political affiliation, you dont have to know my religious affiliation’ especially as is the Democratic ‘Allience’ in South Africa, that he is saying he want to affiliate with President Thabo Mbeki. As next from struggled free prisoner Nelson Mandela he think he feels Him, the child of Govan Mbeki and Ma’Mbeki, the respectable African son. He was the 1st African Union chairperson.
You can tell than just saying he is a Rastamon, as he use to sing on his song ‘hey you Rastamon and hey you European let come togethe as one’
(Imbizo). He felt that one less thing.
Now for Him it feels good to chose to be African, no discrimination.

If you remember in 1996 on new constitution, Thabo Mbeki’s ‘I am an African’ poem he says that ‘it feels good to be an African’. On his last days King Lucky Dube was happy/ celebrating our politics from associating with Ras Tafari the 1st chairman of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), eventually with Thabo Mbeki he hails Him. He was chosing party politics.

With the OAU Ras Tafari Makonnen, Emperor Haile Selassie I as the first Chairperson in 1963 Lucky Dube had confidence to identify with Himseld roots as a Rastamon. Now as in 2001 Thabo Mbeki became the first Chairperson of African Union.
To include a free South Africa Lucky Dube then turned to have confidence to identify Himself as a real African affiliate commanding respect.
We highly regarded Thabo Mbeki. With the African National Congress his political party, from Union Buildings he was choosing to align with the first African Union chair on the new mallennium. Emperor Haile Selassie I was chosen as the man of the mallenium.
Lucky Dube was on the soul of the African organisation. Me had to note it from Haile Selassie to Thabo Mbeki. Nelson Mandela met with Emperor Haile Selassie. Nelson Mandela was great, but from this I recogn he believed Thabo Mbeki was also the man for Him.
From knowing that Lucky Dube take intloni-pho not as ukunyaba or ukumatha ( week looking kind off humbleness taken as goodness) you can say he was universally affiliated to the Xhosa. He kept it
professional. Lucky Dube’s Sdubada play a role in the isiXhosa language expression education. Lucky Dube provoked our people with his reggae. I find, that is why he says education is the key. Hence he chose to like Thabo Mbeki that in 2017 became the chancellor of University of South Africa (Unisa). #There is a thin line between respect and embarassment, I think respect is suppose to be free. #For me respect is always better than humbleness. #Please give me respect. #Give me respect where its due. #You dont have to be special to get respect.
Thabo Mbeki is the man of souls, he even have a great book by William Gumede with title ‘Thabo Mbeki and the Battle for the Soul of the ANC’ (2007). This can be making Thabo Mbeki shy. But oh boy Lucky Dube got it going on.
At old or later age he was over oneness, he was commanding for respect. He found it helpful to prepare Himself for the other or high side of the world. He is an ancestor (isinyanya). I feel honoured to inspiration to have lived with his time. He is respectable.
We need confidence on our ownselves so that we wont feel victimised by the police to the whole functioning of the system, for an example Lucky Dube identified with Ownself as Rastamon on system relations because of that lets feel in harmony with being good Africans. I think for me he is a real urban warrior.
To look now with Thabo Mbeki not involved in Jacob Zuma’s leading ANC you can believe or say that South African confidence in African political association has diminished again. You need to be proper with South African political culture. As Thabo Mbeki’s election campaign slogan states ‘A people’s contract to create work and fight poverty’ he does deal with anything corrupt. That is why he sacked down Jacob Zuma, so now Lucky Dube would be saying I am an Ethiopian and African.
That is why even the young Lindiwe Mazibuko stated a loss of confidence in Jacob Zuma second term. She is doing academic studies. Lucky Dube and Thabo Mbeki on their ownselves cant stand bad or wrong treatment and condition.
His life with me seems orchestrated, its nothing but flowing with appealing and nourishing to awaken kind of stuff. On King Lucky Dube’s music you find observable continuation, he does a further follow up. His music is amusing.

Nobody here (South Africa) knows that reggae is spiritual and soulful music. Its little on the public broadcaster .

In observation year 2006/7/8 was Amagedeon Time.

On his last album he has song called ‘Shembe is the way’.
Lucky Dube is like our savior(Umfeli wethu) for the nation.
Lucky Dube I can say wanted to be a man of roots and culture than politics and religion.
The restlessness of the ancestors there is no peace. Obey their command. For you honour is earned, Respect that, I think.
Lucky Dube passed on a man of roots and culture. Man of love and respect. He was showing the world the life we live in, the mother land.
Lucky Dube’s music was about bringing breaking and fresh news on all time conquoring about our society or nation.
For me I want to know Lucky Dube’s alignment position and status, where ever he is. Whether around the son to the moon and stars lol in heaven or on the underworld with other ancestors. He is too like a
diamond in the sky.
So far from then with so much I have done deciding through patience I can say responsible emergence closed in 2016. Ripe what you sow. On the condition I find that others observe the emerge, what we do. I have been maintaining the
So Lucky Dube is Ethiopian and African now of MSouthern.