Following Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka, Donald Trump, etc around Communism, eg Chris Hani, Cuba, etc.

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi #InternativeDigital @756Writing

Studying Sociology and Political Studies at UWC the university of the left made me know communist theories better. With that I been able to follow well stories of leaders like Chris Hani, Fidel Castro, etc. The university is proud of that. I find it fitting duringly that, specially that I was still a student there they build Health Science and Life Science building. Its relevant to the emanating of this ideology. As in Cuba I see UWC giving or providing us with good health professionals.

Karl Marx was criticising the capitalist superiority over the working class as unfair, with conflict. Leaders like Fidel Castro and Chris Hani were fighting for communism legimate superity over capitalism. With Fidel Castro nation it led to Cuba breaking ties with the United States capitalism for about 60 years until Barrack Obama and Fidel Castro’s brother united the two nations again. In South Africa the brewing of communism guarilla take over the Chris Hani, was shot dead as the nation was in negotiation for a new peaceful democracy. Taking to that the South Africa communism network lost a great leader.

I see they wondering about taking the trade centres. I guess its because I believe struggle is better than oppression, by doing International Relations or Political Science Honours and Masters can help the situation, peoples lives must improve, in that I believe we still need a good world.

As much as its found university relations wise University of the Western Cape one of the powerful institutions in South Africa and Africa.

Clintons are the people who made it possible for South Africa to turnout well after apartheid as needed the nation did good, well appreciated. As an entrepreneur I think the rise of Donald Trump is the defeat of the working class. On the 8th August 2012 the year of the end of the world and when Barrack Obama again was president, while I was redoing my (English) Functional Grammar to graduate, that day I was doing its assignment and also with a TFG job work pressure, Hilary Clinton was at UWC speaking about the topic: Going Global: the US- South Africa partnership, because I was doing a Telemarketing job at TFG I could not attend (reference the article). It feels close that Hilary Clinton was on the same yard as me.

American lady got her work, Donald Trump got no choice but to focus on his business.

Women are most responsible well with this situation at Donald Trump we have gained a lot from Desmond Tutu standard normal understanding.

Thabo Mbeki economically became the highest in Africa and emerging and middle economy globally. I call him the president of the emerging markets. Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki second best stance choice turnout well.

In Thabo Mbeki’s way of keeping our national heritage legitimate and rightful, in his Battle of the Soul of the ANC, to defend the nation, he had to brace himself fare seeing the great legacy of the organisation being dragged to the mud by leaders like Jacob Zuma. That is why Thabo Mbeki selected Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka for deputy president. He was helping the condition and environment the ANC struggled to attain.

The coloured people unity got network.

With the way our nation peacefully transitioned from apartheid to democracy De Klerk was with Nelson Mandela for them together on the 1993 to receive Nobel Peace Prize was due, they deserved it. Their good leadership defeated the violent political and criminal activities that wanted destruction and chaos. Robbing and killing people and businesses, with the police. Because of that our communities became better and harmonious. I must say I am happy with that.

Their leadership led to the effectiveness of the police in combating political and criminal violence that wanted to make our democracy ungovernable and take over. I credit them for all the peace and harmony in our townships and other communities nationwide. On this line, Desmond Tutu, FW de Klerk, Nelson Mandela and policeman were successful installing democratical peace in South Africa. They are worth the prize they received. It takes a great leader to be able to create peace with people or nation.

Chris Hani communist guerilla vibe end with gangsterism and mob justice in our communities, with all the cruel stories, police brought the peace. So far with the sustainable peace there has been great community developments in our townships, eg schools, shopping centres, jobs, etc.

All these leaders have been inspired by the ideology of communism. In the world they have made great contribution for its realisation.

A communist guerilla against apartheid innequality was also happening here in Nyanga. As a child I can still remember the moments experiencing it here in Crossroads, with Wit Dukwe (Duke) police, communist officer leaders, Nogwe, etc. Man like the Mhebhere poet Sizakele Gegana also known as Ndhlulamthi here got the unfolding of stories of people like Chris Thembekile Hani well. I see that in him.

Guys like former Minister Blade Nzimande doesnt mind being communist. With what is happening they have proved for the likes to have run out of time.

So far Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka to be the United Nations Executive Director she was appointed by and she was under the (former) Secretary General (Ben’ ki Moon). When the SG position was open, the UN sent the post to me as I am entrepreneurially participating on its 2015 Mallenium Development Goals and 2030 Sustainable Development Goals individual organisation to apply in 2016. In 2017 she is 61 years old.

Donald Trump comments on Africa:

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