With ukuNyemba (positive discrimination) let them pass their good remarks, OneLove.

By Sivuyile S. Sesi with Internative Digital @756Writing


THE VANGUARDISM: I think of the Thabo Mbeki to Patricia de Lille education good work mark, in the words of Bob Marley.

Abantu abaninzi abayenzayo lento ngabo bazixelele ukuba bazohlala bengalamakhwenkwe namantombi bangawo as enough. So that means its individuals who appreciate what they are and is happening in the now. They stay in the now. Nyembe make him or her the start being your close critic. Jacob Zuma have such leverage in his politic primary approach.

So the caretaker as a gatekeeper he is used to it and learners, he wait at the gate to correct and comment to learners or others who come at the school like community members, teachers, people asking questions about the school, they all used to each other.

For them they settle for unyemba at once because they believe that you are right being the first version of yourself. They believe they wouldnt be working happy on any other thing or stage, so they stick like glue to the job. They do away with anything that tries to change that. For an example between the learner and gatekeeper, those who do it well at school they are the best at it. As school, home, work, business, community, individuals, etc they here. Its about perfecting craft.

With this you bow your own and not enjoy others no matter what.

You dont wait for things to take time to be yourself or to do things. You still take regardless, thats how they do things and settle.

Unyemba is not thinking twice in trashing down even if its positive or helping you, just as you not moving. Unyemba uyazintwanisa (you sound kidding) when doing it. Qha lonto ikuqoqa usangena egeyithini yeskolo if you at school.

People who are doing it, its people like Lindiwe Mazibuko, it fits with who and how she is, its her calling. Eg she did not wait to do second term to Jacob Zuma but went to study at Harvard University. She was keeping in. And president Nelson Mandela have been forward, he has went through it. We waited for him from prison for 27 years until he was released on the 1990 to peacefully free the nation for democracy.

To leaders like Barrack Obama as president on first term to have one Pope, the second term to have another. That vibe ikukonyemba thats when you can start to notice things around other people that are just you, and not like. Also Lindiwe Mazibuko was the opposition parliamentary leader for one term at Jacob Zuma’s government, on the next term went to a school known for famous dropouts like Bill Gates.

Its also different like ukuzidibanisa or ukuzi mixer kwimbutho zabagxeki.

This is description reminds me of Tatu Nyembe a character from a local TV drama called Yizo-Yizo, on the film he was a school caretaker, who when he stands at the gate his role is to also clean students attitudes. He becomes famous for that.

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