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Recognising back another nobody’s King, Lucky Dube.

Continues on Lucky Dube’s music art craft. Lucky Dube sings that he is going back to his roots, clearly for me I find that its because of some party emanation he went to , they played shubidubi. I think he is into a micky mouse party, with beauty. That is why he did not enjoy it, for him it was ridiculous. With that chosing that ‘reggae is (mine)’ his. 
More richer he rather wanted politician like President Thabo (Mvuyelwa) Mbeki as fans few enough for his music resourceful or mineral wealth like.
Then on his last album he released a song called ‘Give me respect,’ going as ‘you dont have to know my political affiliation, you dont have to know my religious affiliation’ especially as is the Democratic ‘Allience’ in South Africa, that he is saying he want to affiliate with President Thabo Mbeki. As next from struggled free prisoner Nelson Mandela he think he feels Him, the child of Govan Mbeki and Ma’Mbeki, the respectable African son. He was the 1st African Union chairperson.
You can tell than just saying he is a Rastamon, as he use to sing on his song ‘hey you Rastamon and hey you European let come togethe as one’
(Imbizo). He felt that one less thing.
Now for Him it feels good to chose to be African, no discrimination.

If you remember in 1996 on new constitution, Thabo Mbeki’s ‘I am an African’ poem he says that ‘it feels good to be an African’. On his last days King Lucky Dube was happy/ celebrating our politics from associating with Ras Tafari the 1st chairman of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), eventually with Thabo Mbeki he hails Him. He was chosing party politics.

With the OAU Ras Tafari Makonnen, Emperor Haile Selassie I as the first Chairperson in 1963 Lucky Dube had confidence to identify with Himseld roots as a Rastamon. Now as in 2001 Thabo Mbeki became the first Chairperson of African Union.
To include a free South Africa Lucky Dube then turned to have confidence to identify Himself as a real African affiliate commanding respect.
We highly regarded Thabo Mbeki. With the African National Congress his political party, from Union Buildings he was choosing to align with the first African Union chair on the new mallennium. Emperor Haile Selassie I was chosen as the man of the mallenium.
Lucky Dube was on the soul of the African organisation. Me had to note it from Haile Selassie to Thabo Mbeki. Nelson Mandela met with Emperor Haile Selassie. Nelson Mandela was great, but from this I recogn he believed Thabo Mbeki was also the man for Him.
From knowing that Lucky Dube take intloni-pho not as ukunyaba or ukumatha ( week looking kind off humbleness taken as goodness) you can say he was universally affiliated to the Xhosa. He kept it
professional. Lucky Dube’s Sdubada play a role in the isiXhosa language expression education. Lucky Dube provoked our people with his reggae. I find, that is why he says education is the key. Hence he chose to like Thabo Mbeki that in 2017 became the chancellor of University of South Africa (Unisa). #There is a thin line between respect and embarassment, I think respect is suppose to be free. #For me respect is always better than humbleness. #Please give me respect. #Give me respect where its due. #You dont have to be special to get respect.
Thabo Mbeki is the man of souls, he even have a great book by William Gumede with title ‘Thabo Mbeki and the Battle for the Soul of the ANC’ (2007). This can be making Thabo Mbeki shy. But oh boy Lucky Dube got it going on.
At old or later age he was over oneness, he was commanding for respect. He found it helpful to prepare Himself for the other or high side of the world. He is an ancestor (isinyanya). I feel honoured to inspiration to have lived with his time. He is respectable.
We need confidence on our ownselves so that we wont feel victimised by the police to the whole functioning of the system, for an example Lucky Dube identified with Ownself as Rastamon on system relations because of that lets feel in harmony with being good Africans. I think for me he is a real urban warrior.
To look now with Thabo Mbeki not involved in Jacob Zuma’s leading ANC you can believe or say that South African confidence in African political association has diminished again. You need to be proper with South African political culture. As Thabo Mbeki’s election campaign slogan states ‘A people’s contract to create work and fight poverty’ he does deal with anything corrupt. That is why he sacked down Jacob Zuma, so now Lucky Dube would be saying I am an Ethiopian and African.
That is why even the young Lindiwe Mazibuko stated a loss of confidence in Jacob Zuma second term. She is doing academic studies. Lucky Dube and Thabo Mbeki on their ownselves cant stand bad or wrong treatment and condition.
His life with me seems orchestrated, its nothing but flowing with appealing and nourishing to awaken kind of stuff. On King Lucky Dube’s music you find observable continuation, he does a further follow up. His music is amusing.

Nobody here (South Africa) knows that reggae is spiritual and soulful music. Its little on the public broadcaster .

In observation year 2006/7/8 was Amagedeon Time.

On his last album he has song called ‘Shembe is the way’.
Lucky Dube is like our savior(Umfeli wethu) for the nation.
Lucky Dube I can say wanted to be a man of roots and culture than politics and religion.
The restlessness of the ancestors there is no peace. Obey their command. For you honour is earned, Respect that, I think.
Lucky Dube passed on a man of roots and culture. Man of love and respect. He was showing the world the life we live in, the mother land.
Lucky Dube’s music was about bringing breaking and fresh news on all time conquoring about our society or nation.
For me I want to know Lucky Dube’s alignment position and status, where ever he is. Whether around the son to the moon and stars lol in heaven or on the underworld with other ancestors. He is too like a
diamond in the sky.
So far from then with so much I have done deciding through patience I can say responsible emergence closed in 2016. Ripe what you sow. On the condition I find that others observe the emerge, what we do. I have been maintaining the
So Lucky Dube is Ethiopian and African now of MSouthern.