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Comparing great Karl Marx, Fidel Castro and Chris Hani.

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi with Internative Digital @756Writing
#I find comparison between Chris Hani and Fidel Castro interesting that the current Cuban president, Fidel Castros brother attendent the funeral of greal people liberators Nelson Mandela. I think for this the freaky week to end on a Sunday 27th November (from a Monday the 21st) 2016 make a highly significance on the struggle sacrifices made by these two leaders. For me as a community leader and entrepreneurship activist with the Black Friday this means a free weekend, thats a true special thing.

#I dont know what killed the Gurrilla spirit in South Africa that happened in our slums, especially with the township development. It was brewing, trouble was happening. Radical Rallies, toy toys, were taking place. people and communities attacking each other with big guns, too much teargas and police opposition, etc. Mbeki said on radio news that some of South Africans were trained in Cuba.

Even the death of Chris Hani, he was a great guy. Babylon felt intimidated, they feared him and what he might do on the movement to the emenating of this country freedom. He had a lot of potential oozing. With him alive South Africa might have taken a much different and harsher direction, thats what Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki leadership better differently gave us rather.

For Fidel Castrol brother to attend Nelson Mandelas  memorial service and shaking Barrack Obamas hand, and Obama shaking Graca Machels hand shops that Cuba and America understand the ways South Africa turnedout to be.

#Yet how its found communism to be turning out great worldwide, eg Fidel Castro leadership in the Cuban revolution, also South African doctors get free education from Cuba, (Quote my face book post). Also China with its communism state has become a world economic power, leading in business, innovation, production, etc. Africa and other parts of the world look up to them for investment. In Africa for where the west cant do china investment is over taking America and Europe.

#Even as early as the African National Congress (ANC) after the struggle became an unbanned political party in South Africa it made a trypatite alliance with the leftists organisations like the Congress of South African Trade Union (COSATU), SACP, (SANCO, etc) against the centrists. In South Africa such leadership has risen to the top and taken over the ANC and government. Yet it seems with their policies they are struggling to grow the economy, its falling, there is high unemployment.

For that in highly world class developed provinces that need a good investment to its people to survive , like the Western Cape and Gauteng the ANC is falling than the time of Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki. Such provinces as these, give highly recognised countries for investment like China, Cuba, United Kingdom, France, the United States, etc a good competition. There is so much development in these areas. It does not get better that these places.

#This much rise of communism economies has come to the attention of Donald Trump and America. And making him in the 2016 election becoming the USA president over a good candidate as Hilary Clinton. In Donald Trump election campaign he has vowed to make the capitalist America great again and the man’s promises convinced majority American. They made him their president after Barrack Obama the first black president as also we long for a women president for fair change. We are observing how he is take over the world from communism rise as in China, etc we know the reputation of the country. He is like them he lacks politeness and customer service. I think we are about to see things come out of the wild for a long time.

The sky is the limit when Lindiwe Mazibuko come back from Harvard University. She lead well in the Nelson Mandela Democracy. She was heavy in the Jacob Zuma presidency first term. After the 2014 elections she went to do honors in the USA, I guess she cant be wasting more time while there are sure ways to success. Is South Africa ready for the atomic energy?

#With Fidel Castro taking the gurilla solution, all things happening he still did not crumble. Nelson taking peaceful negotiations and he formed a very strong foundation with internationally praised economics.

#Communism is evident in Khayelitsha especially on Rastas. In their own way in spirit they great guys like Karl Marx. They very critical on the conditions of working for another boss. That is how such community was established and got built. Even by what the first communities in this community are called it shows that. The main community Khayelitsha ( also name of the whole township) is called Village 3. Site B is called Village 2, Site C is called Village 1. I feel such a relevant vibe with man Donald Trump. With communism he competes like there. People are longing for economic opportunity developments extending.
#Lomfo its amazing how he had ifuthe for decades with his Island nation worldwide without American relations and still not crumbling. #FidelCastro

#I will never be critical, Chris Hani

#The comparison of Karl Marx, Fidel Castro, Chris Hani, eish Trump.

#Here is to be broken hearts still I am happy to say Iam optimistic about the future falling into place.

#Even Queen Elizabeth II is so old, to take over is a male William. There is lots of gender or sex struggles.

#These hard times I miss Lindiwe Mazibuko, her and Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka, Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, Patricia de Lille, and Nomvula Nonkonyane are so for the promise of what we hope for, still standing they are the best in my list.

#The African working class demonstarte strike here in South Africa, burning others resources, littering, etc.

#As Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama said, I have fought against black and white domination. Obama on his passing for that saying Nelson Mandela belong to the ages. It would have been ideal for women if it was the lady Hilary Clinton than the wild fire Donald Trump. It shows for a long time it will still be hard to have another American black president. After Benedict 16 retirement we have seen things change in the international order, a pope selected from South America (Latin) than Europe. Where is the goodness and love in this. Iam not happy about it. Its good to have people like Ngcuka on the United Nations, I been on their United Nations Online Volunteer Programme to help and be open on my business entrepreneurship programmes to such an extent the United Nations invited me to apply for the 2016 UN Secretary General position. I have project for 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, the 4th Industrialisation, etc. As Haile Selassie I said “it has been the inactionnnnnnnnnnnnnn, their indifference that has made it for the evil to triamp over good. I stood a chance to be on the right position. Anyway even the Great Britain broken its ties with the European Union. I can be busy on my own with what I have. I see people that putup with each other too much.