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oh maybe my boyhood ended in 2012 with the world

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi

On the 11th of September 2012 I passed Zodwa Zuzani after being robbed after she asked me to take bus with her I. I told her I am going to Stockroad train station. I was saving. Just about 5 minutes I got robbed losing my laptop I was using for UWC studies and blogging, ID, and my full diary.

I find it all odd because on the next day 12th of September when I saw her at Parow train station she greeted me as bhuti. I didn’t know that she was also working at Tgif evening shift. That day the company was opening a brand new beautiful call centre on top of Parow centre.

With that and other challenges I felt they would ask me to office to explain. Those days were really confusing.

As on the 11th of September 2012 I was robbed my backpack with a laptop, Identity Document (ID), etc on it. On that day after the Philippi East Police Station, I went straight to the Home Affairs at Barrack Street in Cape Town CBD to make a new ID thinking it will reflect the issued date as 11th of September 2012. I wanted to make it significant.

I did the ID that day. Then Home Affairs called me back on the 30th September that my ID was done I can fetch it. On the 1st of October I went to fetch it in town.

While waiting for it on the banchies Father Desmond Tutu came in with a body guard or personal assistant to do something for himself. I was so happily surprised to see him if that explain it. I wanted to go to him but I thought of keeping it cool and not bother the old man .

I was called by the Home Affair official, I fetched my ID and when I finished Tutu was out making it to not even have time to take a picture with him.

Later that day I also had to go to work at Tfg.

The next day the 2nd of October I was to attend a Lecture at UWC, 18h00. It was by┬áThe Desmond and Leah Tutu legacy Foundation in association with University of the Western Cape invites for the second annual Desmond Tutu International Peace Lecture. The lecture was delivered by Mrs Graca Machel to address the topic, “Women, democracy and freedom: Is it scaling the highest peaks of political and economic of power or safety at home and in the community that is the true measure of society liberation”

On their posters they quoted Mrs Graca Machel as ” Preventing the conflicts of tomorrow means changing the mind-sets of the youth today”. I attended the event. On that day Desmond and Leah Tutu cut the cake. Father Tutu took a piece, bite it and gave Mrs Tutu a bite to celebrate Father Desmond Tutu 81st birthday which its on the 10th of October.
8th August 2012 Hillary Clinton was at UWC addressing them on “Going Global: US- South Africa partnership
That time it was general elections in the United States, Barrack Obama to take his second term as the president. In that process two states, Washington and Colorado legalizing marijuana in votes.

Can you believe the issued date for my ID was 18 September 2012 as in today’s anniversary. Argh man I wanted to make my last ID Ethiopian you know.