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In reality health facilities like at UWC are needed for our communities.

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi @756Writing

Poor people don’t have medical aid as Oscar Pistorius. It would be good if Lindiwe Mazibuko in studying the United States public administration with Barrack Obama as president also study the Obama health care. There is so much to gain from exploring health benefits as much as we can. South African government is already promising to implement National Health Insurance. Barrack Obama’s government is providing the Obama health care. South Africa needs all the working or feasible help and assistance it can get.

Many young people grow with disability from mild or soft to severe and they can’t get help because they poor and that there isn’t enough knowledge and help in our communities. Something that could have been diagnosed and treated end up worse and that person because he is poor he cannot get proper help in a health facility. Others get discharged before time because the facilities are full and there is not enough medication and funds to buy needed medication. These people mostly end up in poor communities being problematic. Most of the severe or senseless crimes in our communities is because of that. Most of the community malfunctions is caused by health assistance limitations. Our communities don’t have successful role models in families, sports, career, business etc because of with health we not intact.
Health disadvantages plays a role in unemployment or employability and less productivity in a community. Because people are getting sick or unfit for work, less people do the work well or as required. Other jobs need high thinking and concentration, high energy, power, good physic, etc. Less people are able to meet with the requirements of a demanding job. Then people are not paid to meet their household needs. Poverty grows, the business does not grow and the community does not improve. That is why certain groups of our society few people move up for/to higher jobs. It is important for communities to take their health serious. It affects the quality of the outcomes of our everyday activities.
Health is one of the reasons people die young or life expectancy is short. South Africa recognizes the right to health as a priority and that it is very connected to the right to life and right to dignity. More needs to be done to ensure that people live a quality and descent life that they deserve.
It is good that at the University of the Western Cape they built world class Life Science and Health skyscrapers buildings. We need those skills back to our communities. Opportunity is provided so more young people need to get involved.
With the facilities like at the University of the Western Cape it will address the shortage of health practitioners. People who understand the situation of our communities will get a chance to get trained and skilled so that they get ways to help us. We will grow and innovate with the world to address health in our own communities. Imagine our people taking their health in their own hands because it has become part of our lives and because our health does affect the quality of our everyday activities. Our people need that to advance ourselves and communities for the better. We need things like the Obama health care, National Health Insurance, etc. With such we will have all the champions than crime and other social ills.

Our community in this is faced with a big challenge. Because of lack of proper health care our communities are destructive. Young people that are born and that grow up in such communities end up worse affected. This is negative because it keeps destroying the future of young people (at no chance at all for the many, especially the poor).

Lack of health is the reason for the domestic violence, breaking of family, declining of standard of living, community development problems and lack of community achievement.