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South Africa nation was set for the better

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi @756Writing
We are a one nation for the better. In the 1990s Nelson Mandela was building the nation further with the way Shaka Zulu did. The only difference is that the Shaka Zulu’s (and also with the National Party’s), the Nelson Mandela’s with his leadership on the African National Congress was through peace and negotiations with the oppressors of our people. If you remember Shaka Zulu’s nationalism was through conquering of other tribes and merge them to the Zulus. Also the National Party’s was through divide and conqueror or racial and ethnic apartheid.

Unlike what is happening just recently whereby other people in our townships are mistaking the nationalism with xenophobia mostly against other African foreign nationals, who are in our communities doing business for their own survival. Other people seem to not know the similarities and differences between nationalism and xenophobia. All people living in this country deserves a better life and happiness. That was our foundation and its good for them to find opportunity in it. It is for our good that our communities are becoming inclusive and diverse.

Its been about subjection not objection with Nelson Mandela from the start. He wanted us all to enjoy what we have. Even with Thabo Mbeki’s Pan Africanism ideology/ African Renaissance ideas we became well. We became respected, the world wanted to work with us. Its been an honoured for us and we need to always appreciate that as South Africa. Both Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki had done enough to serve the nation.

When you follow South African story since the early 1990s for the transition to democracy you find that our leaders tried by all means to keep the situation as normal as possible. That was to make more people feel included. It was about creating a nation that everybody can easily relate. Through negotiations glory was ours for all South Africans not wars and destruction but through peaceful means. That is what even other troubled nation long for that is why they all here for refuge.

Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki gave us glory through peace and negotiations. For what we managed to gain in our nation building, for us to be on the same page or same understanding we need to engage each other so that together we know how we can move forward for better and better.

With Mandela and Mbeki they improved our condition. With them South African nation made the right choices. it was truly a better life for all. All of us should be building on that.

What made the leadership and presidency of Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki successful is that they respected the nation. They didn’t make excuses. They set or conditioned us for the glory that we have made and received. the people allowed it because its who they are. Its what we want about ourselves, as people we have ubuntu. The likes of Desmond Tutu stood for us well in that matter. Worldwide we are respected. Through negotiations we found a better democratic nation, lets take it forward.