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If FIFA is a scam then the whole universe is a scam.

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi @756Writing

Money is freely inherent in the conspiracy blurred theory, with the satisfaction people keep on easily putting it. A person in comfort would put a stash in the system in satisfaction. You do things in sleep walk state than you would say in real state realm. So it is sleep, wake and reality. The truth we all existingly do.
Blatter has succeeded all these years in it because nobody can do it like him, on it he plays a big role through the test of time, we still love him he is amazing. He still has it in him to take FIFA forward but he is resigning, he did it while on high.
Also that once you observe you find that on the concentrate of conspiracy system you find that or notice that perfection is inherent on anything from that high as to the extent it has to trickle down.
What you do you just let it happen because you cannot find anything or you just dont know how to prove your findings or observation. America on FIFA might be going through such schizophrenic or illusion effect. It has watched and studied so now it thought it might gauge it somehow, somewhere and decide. To the people its normal they have to forgive conspiracy or perfection. They dont know how its happening and who causes it. Not even Sepp Blatter is in control of it. They are living with that. Others are addicted in being entertained by it. Others on its response putting money on it, others are luck to have their lives aligned with it. It provide them with positive intrinsic reward, comfort, wonders, realisation, memories and dreams others believable others unbelievable. Others enjoying or not enjoying they pay attention others it comes to their attention, aware or unaware they eventually know or realise.
Controlling or taking out or paying for that thing is unnecessary because it just happen as you do  the best at the purpose in your life or activity. Its just that when people appreciate they like to put money on it. In the FIFA case those guilty of scam they know its something beyond them. They are going through test of life. They must let loose, let the God of the universe be in control and learn their lesson

So if FIFA is a scam then the whole universe is a scam. Its inspiring people want to see things happen. Lets own up.

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