To benefit with New Pan Africanism lets do what is right.

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi @756Writing
The New Pan Africanism is based on proper things about Africans and Africa. Don’t be bothered or angry, freedom is better than those things that the obstructionist do for a salary, giving others hard time, taking them down. Not that I can blame those who take advantage of them. The white society remains prosperous than many in the black society.

The New Pan Africanism has come better for the better. Political power will always be useful if you are knowledgeable, look at how it has set our economy for greatness, leading in Africa. The likes of African national leaders as Nelson Mandela and New Pan Africanism leaders Thabo Mbeki have set the foundation on how political power can be used to bring about national empowerment leading to a person being able to do it for himself.

If you prepare yourself to be at capacity from own self derived success you will move accordingly being helpful, in the process, helping yourself. We are the only African nation in the Brazil, Russia, India, China South Africa (BRICS) and G20. From our young democracy for the world to see value in us is great honour for our nation. We need more people who can build on that and set the whole Africa for the better among the nations of the whole the world. The whole Africa and the world want that, that is why within just 20 years of freedom and democracy investors and people flocked to live and take advantage of opportunities provided by this great nation. The foundation of freedom is promising and have delivered the quality life basic for any individual.

In business we need to get beyond the need market whereby what sells is what is basic. For the privilege  to grow, improve and involve more people we need to be careful, we need to be people who know how to take care  of it. With the leaders we elected we must make sure we select people who knows and stand for what they talking about, so that all of us with what we have can do better and be helpful. The New Pan Africanism for us all black and white should be about empowerment against all the wrong we find ourself in this Africa.

New Pan Africanism is right for us, in the spirit of Nelson Mandela and Mbeki as leaders South Africa has been set for more success. The challenges we faced with are not unique to just us and we  did it before, we can still handle them better. Look at how Nigeria is thriving regardless of its challenges. With countries like ours as Thabo Mbeki, Olusegun Obasanjo, etc saw it before or as needed in the New Pan Africanism other countries look and depend on us for direction for more Africa prosperity. As Africa this time is on the rise, being a region that is growing faster than any other region. We need to see to it that it involves more people. It is important that it spread. More people must be involved in the development of this continent.

On my side of the world here is South Africa with those still alive today we need more Pan African leaders like Thabo Mbeki and Patricia de Lille, just to mention some, independent in political thinking and have governance ethic. Through the struggles with us they have been the engine that has made us to be the better we had been to the way we are now. With them our politics and economy get well conditioned with better outcomes. If we do what is right for us we are all set for best life we deserve.


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