Our good leaders set the foundation, than the xenophobia.

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi @756Writing

During the Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki’s time South Africa was number 1 economy in Africa. With just the change in the way the two economies was calculated, South Africa is now number 2 in Africa after Nigeria. So our economy is not big enough as we think. With just finding ways on how we can work it together the greater are the benefits.

Black people who have come to make business and depended on it to maintain their lifestyles didn’t do it like the Somalians or use their model. Other Africans put their business containers close to the shopping centres. Then can we say this new approach by the Somalians, Ethiopians, etc has failed to run business in the neighborhood.

I know running a business is not easy especially when many people or big family depend on its little profit or returns. There is foreign shops all over the townships neighborhood. Also if it was a real business, even for our locals could they have given up a good business to other people? That is why spaza shops in the townships never really maintain a household survival needs. every day the household must have food to cook, as there may be no other person who have a job that means they must use the shop stock. Dealing with the moral pain caused by poor business ethics and poverty from person to person to the whole community is the reason they have decided give their worthwhile spazas to foreigners who see the opportunity in it. That is what cause unrest in the townships. Maybe even to the foreign nationals it’s just a way of generating an income than a proper business. But for them to know they have come to the foreign country it’s what keep them better on it around us.

Anyway I think that anywhere if it has to do with money there should be proper way of dealing with it and the people. Especially around communities with high rate of unemployment, with more people who don’t have education and don’t have much to do for him or herself, or the community especially if there is no financial pay. And when there are financial chances and still lack financial literacy to make something better of his money and play a role in the economy.

South Africa, in fact the whole Africa is under a big science experience. This country has reorganized itself with the world. I don’t mind Jah children enjoying the gravy train, for those that do whoever they are. I see that if it’s not business investment, its humanitarian interventions to help the needy and the oppressed. Which is better for us? We need to choose. In my way what I am shown is not just what I see. I am trying to make my life. Other situations are more real. I am doing my own thing.

Thanks to our good leaders for bringing truth and peace to our land from the foundation of our democracy. That is why the world love us.


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