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We need to be patient with 2015.

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi @756Writing
This year started very well. People made stock and took resolutions, on the social networks it was buzzing.

We need to be patient with 2015, especially here in South Africa with our 21 years of democracy that Nelson Mandela left us with and  we sharing it with the rising of Afrika.

Second week of 2015 started on the 5th January, its business as usual. Many organizations will be kick starting . Few people may be looking forward but we all make life out of it.

Professionally, we should push even harder to further our careers.

I thought on the 11th January Sunday, if you shuttered others in 2014 expect to be shuttered in 2015. So you might as well hold on this week starting 12th this Monday to finish 18th Sunday. Even if you still at home not working also expect the out of the ordinary folks want to hear from you.

The world must relax its Afrikan time.

On your own pace start that initiative


Let peacefulness have freedom

By Sivuyile S. Sesi @756Writing
“We must love and respect the humanity in each other in order to have any future, let alone to have a successful and peaceful one.” Richard Branson

It seems like conflict is unavoidable because we are different. There is no need to move outside peace, lets make an effort to harmonise than be bothered  by each other we need diversity, to this time it is important that we deal better with it.

Lets embrace each other unique goodness, build trust among each other, treat each other fairly,  at least because we can not always be right, we human, it is known what we are capable of. No one is perfect. With our wrong doing we can be corrected for the better.

All of us where ever we are, we go through what we have to go through so that we may learn our lessons and gain from what we do with it.

Lets face it life is for us all to live and know we all belong in this world. Tolerance is important in the mix of our differences. That is what also enable us to develop love and understanding among each other starting to identify with what is similar from where we are within society.

With what is happening among us to the most degree we striving for similar goals that is why no matter where a certain thing may come from if it is good we all want to use it. Its our normal nature to be at peace with the good human can do. It benefits us to let peacefulness and goodness to take freedom.