Monthly Archives: December 2014

Our communities need great business will.

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi
We need business developers to start feasible business initiatives on corporate and enterprise and sell shares to community individuals. The training courses should be continuous as we grow and change. So people should be participate.

More investment is needed on research and development. We need to create markets that serve our communities. We can to explore a lot about ourselves and learn to be better from others. More individuals should get involved, every input is important. From your input you should get due returns.

Communities should open themselves to business, for that they will never regret it , more peoples lives will improve greatly.

We need investment, we need to build local investment. Sasol, MTN and other rare opportunities are doing it. We still need to build more economic empowerment programmes for ordinary people.

We need to promote the spirit of business networking and expolre our markets. The will of the people should be very much about creating busy communities and there will be returns.