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PEACE: The whole nation needs it.

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi

It would have been a dream come true for the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and Mayor of Cape Town Patricia de Lille and a great benefit for the nation of South Africa to host the 14th Summit of the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates here in Cape Town, but the national government broke it because it doesn’t want to understand.

Still they don’t want to listen even when the foundations of South Africans who held the Nobel Peace Prize like the Nkosi Albert Luthuli Foundation, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, FW de Klerk Foundation make a plea with them.

Helen Zille makes a good note when she mentions that the apartheid government in the early 1960s allowed Nkosi Albert Luthuli to go fetch his Nobel Peace Prize.
South Africa was in need of that initiative, Mandela must be looking down on this country with shame.

Leaders like President Jacob Zuma don’t want to understand, they are here to give our politics hard time. Being led by people who prove to be self destructive where is this nation heading to? Is this the kind of thank you we give the world for the support they gave us to ensure our peaceful negotiation to the transition to freedom and democracy since 1994? Doesn’t hosting world class events shows that we have the best venues? We should still be glad that our nation is shining and attracting good people and good ideas internationally.

A World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates was to be held for the first time in the African soil to honor another Nobel Peace laureate Nelson Mandela on his passing late last year.

In these world economic difficulties South Africa has done worse when compared with other emerging economies in the BRICS nations.

Our cities need to be used and people like Desmond Tutu and Patricia de Lille are doing a good job that we are attracting the world.

I am glad that the Global Youth Peace Indaba took place in Cape Town, we as the young people shouldn’t give up on creating a better world for all of us.


Oscar Pistorius case wasn’t that complicated.

Yazi icase ka Oscar Pistorius kumele kudala yaphela. Even the way it happened ujudge Thokozile Masipa uyiextendile. Maybe its because Oscar is rich and famous, the world watching, so she wanted to make it proper, as freaky as she is.

The more run smooth the better for her career profile with this case. Reeva was also a big model celebrity here in South Africa, she had just come from a Jamaican trip, few weeks before her murdering on valentines day in 2013. Which at that Jamaican trip the South African rapper Da Les won a million.

As South Africa is becoming more like the United States of America this is another chance for a black female judge to clean the black image out there.

Even the African National Congress Womens league felt the pain against Oscar.

It was not too big, just that it was a case of public interest in the world.