Monthly Archives: September 2014

We need more business in the townships.

Uqala ibusiness ngomdla. Just doing it. Then use ubone abantu ukuba abanamali. Wenze idiscounts, sponsors, competitions, nje ubenzela ifree stuff not that even the business is doing that well. But people still demand to be paid more. Ubuntu bayaphina ebantwini. Izinto bezithatha kancinci zibe ziluncedo ekuhlaleni. Iibusiness ziyafuneka more kwezi townships sihlala kuzo. Look at a mall filled with churches in trading spaces at the Philippi Plaza, while food and technology businesses are vacating. Are we doing bad business, that society suffer like this. Those or people who can help must assist, they can help. each individual participation is important, each individual contribution is valuable. Lets do it together to make it work. to make our society better. We need to protect what this nation achieved with our freedom and democracy. It needs to extend to poorer communities. The ANC government and the whole nation achieved it. The opposition parties agrees with how our leaders had handled the transition from apartheid. We all want more but the Zuma government cant maintain and make it more. There is no turning away from this freedom. There is more from it for us all. It still serve as a better option.