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What comes with freedom across identities.

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi (

In South Africa (SA) we can still avoid a lot of trouble and suffering if we appreciate each other and what our country have. With us caring for it, our country will become even greater with everyone enjoying its fruits. For that we must learn how to make the right decisions in our democracy.

With freedom we promised for one to be able to make, take responsibility and own up to one life. That’s what make freedom special in today’s democracy, each person is important.

Patricia de Lille has been politically free and worked hard to free others. Her career as a politician has reached climax and she still stand a chance for the highest peaks. She has broken the today’s still showing racial and ethnic tensions. With all the difficulties in dealing with that she received high points for the work of her municipality than other municipalities in SA.

It is said that Helen Zille always talked to Mamphela Ramphele about joining Democratic Alliance (DA). DA have high regards of Ramphele. Now she has her own party, Agang SA. While that, DA chose Ramphele as their presidential candidate for 2014 elections, and at first she accepted, then she couldn’t, because of her own party complications she declined in about a week. If she was free, by now it would have been final, and with the DA commitment to Collective for Democracy (CD) coalition, African National Congress (ANC) alliance divided, the Economic Freedom Fighters gaining support from ANC members, and her appeal to professionals and middle class as a role model, she stand a great chance to be the first female president of this country. But she is not free, her commitment to Agang SA is holding her back. With the way other women like Lindiwe Mazibuko, Patricia de Lille and Helen Zille are doing in the DA, with Ramphele they would do more. In reality the DA has made itself the great gift of what Nelson Mandela wanted in the struggle for this new democracy. DA is led by women and young people from different races, cultures, languages, and ages. It is breaking divisions and identity barriers. No other party match its representation. With Ramphele on her individual self she accepted to lead party like DA.

It is good that for people to feel free to stop thinking “oppressor and victim” mentality. We can take our country forward, its up to each and every person knowing and doing what is best for him/herself. It is for one to empower one’s self.

Just to show how identity power struggles influence the direction of political decision making in this country. Trevor Manuel would have been suitable for president even at the time of Thabo Mbeki became president. Mbeki did a great job. With Manuel it would have tracked in a different direction of success. All I am trying to do is to show how we have fallen short with jobs and economy under Zuma’s leadership. Manuel was new to the public life struggles when he joined in the late 1980’s, early 1990’s. The manner of professionalism, the way one portrays own identity and role modeling of a leader have an effect to the people. With Manuel as he was new in party politics being a president would have created fresh focus and unfolded to a different today. A lot would have not mattered to affect us today.

Even Ramphele once said that SA should have considered fresh faces for the new democratic SA from the start. All the parties with fresh leadership. That would have been a really extreme fresh start. Not based on apartheid on both sides of South African victims and oppressors. Especially now that it has been made to appear like top government positions are pay back for those who were incarcerated in Robben Island and their associate elites. So as we move our country forward a leader should be careful to not gain popularity for the unsuitable reasons, then end up costing the country.

There is also regionalism in SA and ANC seems to trust Eastern Cape leaders, with rural background is an advantage for them. That identifies with past black cultures power concentrate. Politics drive of many people still greatly mix with that. The way most South Africans don’t consider competence than group divide has really costed us. No wonder Mbeki had to assert the African identity in him with his poem “I am an African”, and other initiatives for the African Renaissance. Look at former Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) member, de Lille, when she left that party, forming Independent Democrats with a brand that shows the reality of identity crises in SA. SA in the apartheid era institutionalized ethnic and racial unfair and wrong identity divisions among the people. There was that tension. Which it has been a great cause of inequalities in our country. We should work hard to ensure identity does not hold us back or be a barrier to realizing our own dreams. Everyone must feel free to get involved.

Other people still call this country Azania because South Africa does not sound like a real name but where our country is geographically located in Africa. Africans still need better way to improve their lives. They are still deprived of land, resources, trade, skills, finance, property, etc. There has been a lot of name changes in Cape Town and South Africa, Patricia de Lille changing Lansdown Road to Govan Mbeki Road, Modderdam Road to Robert Sobukwe Road. Also Changed Native Yards (NY’s) in Gugulethu to street names, Zapiro has a street named after him there. It is all about making the environment or surrounding relevant to the people so that they identify as they freely see with our country today.

DA is sending a sound and valid message to the South Africans that it is over and beyond racial disadvantages or problems as still other are still skeptical. They have all the women across generations on key position, so be thinking clearly before you talk about racism, and women marginalization right now at this time. These are hot issues in today’s world. No other party can just do what DA did and be so well. This will surely engage the public and determine the outcomes of 2014 general elections.

Mandela championed against ethnic and racial tension and he prevailed and gave South Africans freedom and democracy and set the world with hope and example for their own lives. 20 years in democracy let’s take a different route and show we are free and our democracy has grown and matured than ever. We can do that by making proper decisions. Still more people want to see their lives change for the better, overcoming divisional inequalities. Freedom should spread across peoples differences.
The young depend on it.


Trevor Manuel is the right candidate for President.

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi

The best way that Trevor Manuel can rise above the attempts to bring him into disrepute, of have failed the people, is for him to become president of the country. He is so suitable even before Jacob Zuma became president.

A friend on facebook posted “The 3 C’s of life: choices, chances and changes. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.” So I realized that how our life turns out its up to us including this country’s direction.

Manuel must stay open to the opportunities. Let’s admit it Mamphela Ramphele in Agang SA changed and opened the landscape of party politics. He must remain free for any good way that make this country move in the right direction for our best interests.

As Manuel is the Minister in the Presidency for National Planning, he created National Development Plan (NDP). He should prove the rightfulness of the NDP. Scholars and civil society are praising it. Labour Unions in alliance with the African National Congress (ANC) criticize it, making it a scapegoat for their lack of willingness to understand for that wanting to share the consequences. Society must take advantage of what it benefits them, because even if it was not made the way it is, people would still need to be open to it. It is helpful than some people showing negativity for it. People need freedom and all that comes with it now.

In these slow global economic times South Africa’s (SA) growth is lacking behind as emerging power when compared to others. Brazil, Russia, India, China in the Brics had handled it better. With us also its something we can do something about. Let’s better organize our resources and place the right people in the right positions then we will get the decent life we all deserve. Its proven.

Ramphela is competing too. We have more in our plate, the elections competition is high. Its not like we have less in our country. These are the times to really think and now people are really challenged to do so. SA elections are starting to become a platform to solve problems in my age and as we move forward with our freedom and democracy more people will do so.

Manuel is a dedicated worker, we are lucky that he remains strong for the country. If he becomes a president he will help us recover from the mess Zuma’s leadership has put us through. The opposition parties have been blaming him for undue influence in government. Democratic Alliance asked him in parliament to end his relationships with individuals who bring him bad reputation and damage the image of the president. This country still needs all the help it can get. Former President Thabo Mbeki was very careful of Zumas wrong tendencies and fired him as his deputy president. Mbeki’s government kept momentum, it became a success. For Manuel good work undermined by this country because of poor political decisions its what each and everyone of us can do something about and we don’t need another new political party, our country is still open to good chances.

Trevor Manuel is the right candidate that is prepared to fix this country from this mess, him and us can do something about it now.

Ideas I had if Dr Mamphela Ramphele did not change.

Collective for Democracy can win 2014 elections.

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi

Building on that right idea of society South Africa (SA) started with,
we can build a peaceful and happy country we all love, but we need to
be in good hands.

FW de Klerk once said that the idea of apartheid was not bad, but it
had problems on the way it was implemented or applied and we need to
be careful to not repeat the same thing in one way or the other.

Democratic Alliance (DA) with Mamphela Ramphele of Agang SA don’t
compromise on good leadership and competency. Helen Zille is doing all
she can to make DA to unite the people of SA. That is how more
people’s lives can be improved. More people haven’t seen change in
their lives in this young free country. Ramphele joined in against the
odds to contribute her part. They all good leaders with good track
record we can trust. It is time to restore the promise of freedom and

Look how Lindiwe Mazibuko has done well as DA Parliamentary leader. I
expect that and more from Ramphele. With her she has envisioned it for
a long time. She knows how to go about it, with her wisdom she will be
able to do it for the benefit of all SAn people. She is in grasp of
the best interest of many people.

As much as it can be felt for a caring and compassionate person,
putting trust on the masses of this country, which the majority are
going round on dysfunctional lives, is putting your well being or
health at risk. Many people are still lacking in driving the system
for positive change in their lives. Zille is for DA and Ramphele is
for Agang SA. Ramphele is chosen by DA to be their presidential
candidate. Leaders like Zille, and Ramphele, on a joint coalition of
opposition parties can be dropped hanging in presidency and
government. The coalition between DA, ACDP, FF Plus, Cope, IFP and
UCDP has been formed in December 2013 its called Collective for
Democracy (CD). So DA as the biggest opposition party with Mamphele
they may have minimized the chances of that. Those other parties than
DA lack considerable racial diversity.

As in fact Trevor Manuel deserved to be a president even before Jacob
Zuma we should think, what if DA presidential candidate was Manuel,
with the CD to gang up on ANC, they would stand even greater chance to
win. He would have a good number of ANC members voting for him. He has
a deserved respect and support of some ANC members. He would rake in
votes from Northern Cape, Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Western Cape,
Kimberly, and some people in other provinces. He is a heavy wait in
top government, better than Zuma. Even competent and well experienced
than Ramphele. ANC don’t value that. He is underused on nations

Ramphele has been advocating for open political system. That
parliament members must stop being only accountable to their political
parties only but open to the public. Look at how she accepted the
opportunity to be a DA president candidate with out consulting Agang
SA members. The openness to the idea of Agang SA and the way she is
driving it as an open political platform, it is wide. Ramphele as a
presidential candidate is set to account to the public than just party
politics being obstacle of political progress. She is a role model for
Agang SA being a political platform. To open for more people to be
involved we need to see beyond different party membership. May also
other members find some useful politics to get busy with. Together as
people can take this country forward.

On the CD there will be coalition government open for the opposition
parties. With the way ANC has been shrinking they stand very close to
win. Such competition is good for us as it will keep government on
toes. People need better lives and there hasn’t been a really change
to the lives of many people ever since apartheid. Zuma’s government
showed failure to meet targets so with his ways the country became
poorer. Its up to the people to chose the right leadership in

Loss of confidence on Zuma, parties ganging up on ANC, helen zile and
whites seem to not want to depend on black majority, DA politically
hungry, qoute parties gang up article. The promise of freedom.