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South Africa needs more right leaders like Mandela.

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi

It’s hard enough uplifting another person along. Let’s be glad when a person improves her life and move up to reach for the stars.

The Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele and working in good organizations now she is pursuing political power. Is she late or on
time with her party to gain the support that needs her? The party that takes government may it acknowledges her willingness to help and competence, and allow her to provide services.

Nelson Mandela has just passed on and in South Africa (SA) we need more right leaders like him. The country has to keep on moving forward. One thing we can be sure of Ramphele has proved to be equipped for that. With Former President Thabo Mbeki who have proven quality track record than President Jacob Zuma but replaced him in the race for African National Congress (ANC) president in Polokwane. Zuma has not done well in his just finishing term this year, can Ramphele and Agang SA make people realize the importance of valuing quality from people? Ramphele got necessary knowledge, experience and vision that she wants to share for the benefit of ordinary people out of struggle. She got grasp of the people’s best interests. She is the role model for the kind of future young people should aspire to have in SA. In parliament she will be a credible voice.

She had been on leading feed up and think tank institutions. Her input will go a long way. Especially in the future of young people as in education that she holds dearly, is in crises more people like her working it will be a step to the right direction. They are good in making themselves be useful to improve other people’s lives. They know when it’s the right platform and time. They do all they can to make it work. We have seen this when Mbeki was a president how he closely driven the economy and the Department of Foreign Affairs now known as International Relations and Cooperation to condition, how he conditioned the country’s economy to attract foreign investment and grow. Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka who he made his deputy president now she holds an office as the Executive Director of UN Women. And Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma who was minister of Health under President Mandela and minister of Foreign Affairs under president Mbeki is the Chairperson of the African Union Commission. Mbeki always preached selfless leadership. He spoke out against those who use ANC and government for self interest and self enrichment. For people like Zuma, Mbeki has been a humbling example and I wish the people may realize what’s best for them in time.

As 2014 is twenty years in democracy so it’s good that leaders like Ramphele are not discouraged but avail them. It shows that we have not run out of quality leaders to help lead the way.

For the country to move out of this slowly encroaching national crises from Zuma’s administration we need to be careful and cautious on our 2014 vote. Economy is slow, education is poor, poor service delivery, corruption, disruption of small local markets, etc, in all that it the poorest who suffer the most from that. All of us can find a way to work together to build and protect our country, we can’t say we don’t have the people.

We don’t need wars, shrinking economies, and other problems Africa is faced with. Even Helen Zille thinks that if Ramphele could join Democratic Alliance she would get a higher position because of her competence and experience. The Anglican Church of Cape Town Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu thinks that her voice would be very important in parliament. They had been there to help us, and they still avail themselves for what we need let’s make the right decisions.

Mbeki was in exile in a country with democracy and when he became president he proved to be the right person at the right time after Mandela who was the first president just after his 27 years in prison.

After Zuma we need the right people in government so that we can turn up the tide and create a country conducive for more people. We have the leaders and we might as well use them. The nation depends on it.


Ubuntu is Goodness by us people.





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By: Sivuyile S. Sesi (

A good person share and gives, with less she have because something out there she believe in will care back. It’s not something that should happen it’s what happens and will happen. It can come from anyone from different good reasons. Every good by people prepares it.

The value that umntu ngumntu ngabantu in isiXhosa language (you are because of other people) is what opens it to others and others to us. Every good each person does add to the whole. It is on that for others to see the appropriateness of something whether because of preparedness, time, situation, its consequences or outcomes, etc in making peoples lives better. “We signal that good can be achieved
amongst human beings who are prepared to trust, prepared to believe in the goodness of people.” ~ Nelson Mandela

If things were free more people would use them out, other things by their essential help to service and our nature they will always be moving with us and for also that they important. That is one of the
reason there will always be the concept of free access in our lives, its good. With that more than money it fights poverty.

With money you can also live a poor life. While with just enthusiasm, love and positive attitude you can live a exceptional life regardless of your situation. Being able to do things whether for yourself or
others turn to help and improve your life for the better.

A good person thinks it’s important to live and work with others in harmony. In our space we are equal. In my space there must be love and respect for you and me. That’s why in a house or business there is
enough food, and decent condition for everyone.

A healthy person is supposed to live like that. Each person’s goodness relates to the community. Each person knows what is right and wrong. Each person can live a good life working with other people to improve more lives. More hands is better than one hand especially that there is limited resources, the more people do the more they have and can have more in an open and free society. It helps for others to be willing to volunteer their time and what they can. A good person in right life does what he or she love and is always happy with what he or she have.

In that not even family or rich people can determine for a person or the society who must have what with who. Its freedom, everyone is resourceful. He or she serves and takes care of the society and
society take care of them. Goodness benefits human beings and the planet.

If you love what you do or what others do, if you want or need you can do it in the give and take human ways. Especially in today’s world a lot is already discovered and protected doing what is right keeps
people in good terms. As a person you have what is yours. As you are born and live among people you know it or feel it but the society must nurture and teach you to be a healthy and responsible person so that you can see the value and make life of it. You will find yourself to be a good person for it. You talkative or open to others about it because you have what you strongly believe about it. With how you go about it among people they will notice. The more aware they are of it, it turns to what everyone relates to when they discuss it among each other. It has common good for us all in different contexts. This way it is human nature to be good, it doesn’t need much effort. What you do where you are no matter how little you think it is goes a long way it can touch people in tremendous ways. It flows along with essential good.

People would say “good over evil” than over bad. It spread over all. Many people work hard to have it in their own lives. In all the different approaches different communities in the world claim to seek it and keep it among themselves and its relative between the communities. It opens you to the world, eg people like Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama, Bill Clinton. They touch different people
beyond. With them the world has become a better place. Their involvement with South African society is amazing.

It’s appropriate for the world to feel like giving a hand, support, love and be part of a good cause. That is ubuntu or human nature.