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No good point in questioning of ICC relation with Africa.





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By: Sivuyile S. Sesi (

Who ever is responsible for the crimes that evidently has been robbing Africa from its aims to improve more peoples lives shouldn’t get away with it. Leaders like Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu in South Africa (SA) when there was apartheid they campaigned for disinvestment from the world. With boycott and sanctions SA was devastated badly. In Kenya there is that way of the world with President Uhuru Kenyatta the son the first president since independence, Jomo Kenyatta.

TheEconomist states “The Kenyan government may yet overplay its hand. The speech of the American-educated Mr Kenyatta at the African Union (AU) meeting was surprisingly aggressive. He railed against “imperialists” and sounded more like Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s president, than a man whose election strategy had been devised by a British public-relations firm. He gloated over the West’s supposed decline into the “pits of penury” and compared development aid to “structural colonialism”, likening it to apartheid. The son of Kenya’s founding president, Jomo Kenyatta, he ran for office insisting that the International Criminal Court (ICC) indictment he faced was a “private matter” and that he would co-operate with court, which had been asked by Kenya’s previous government to take on the task of bringing to justice anyone responsible for perpetuating the terrible violence that followed the country’s elections at the end of 2007. But he has evidently changed his line since winning. Now, he says, he is no longer a private citizen.”

 It has happened in Zimbabwe and it seems that’s it’s going to be called post Mugabe, as he ruled forever with no young blood coming forward to takeover on what they seem proud off, which is his leadership and legacy, especially since their country’s independence. As the president he has lost the economy. Yes they are allowed to do what they want, Mugabe is a free leader their country is peaceful and he is not on the list of ICC.

IOL states “SA ex-president Thabo Mbeki claimed in an interview that Britain had urged Pretoria to topple Mugabe when a political and economic crisis escalated in the late 2000s.” Systematically it show that when the European Union imposed sanctions in 2002 to Zimbabwe just after Mbeki finished his term as the last chairperson of the previous Organization African Unity, now AU, African leader should have been more careful. He felt this as he became concerned about Zimbabwe but believing that the solution to their problems depend on them as citizen of their country. On the 2008 elections, Tsvangirai won the election, but Mugabe called for a rerun because of low voters turnout. Tsvangirai’s MDC did not participate on the elections rerun. There were a lot of political violence, MDC followers were killed. Mbeki’s mediation in solving this led to the pair forming a power-sharing government. Morgan Tsvangirai became a Prime Minister. This ended with Mugabe’s election victory on July 31 this year. AU declared their 2013 elections free. There’s been peace in Zimbabwe.

Now the AU is questioning ICC role with it. Finding that ICC prosecutes more of African leaders than in any other continent. AU leaders deciding on a stand that African presidents must not stand trial in the ICC while in office because it distract them from their job given by their people to lead and deliver. With this ICC issue African leaders are protecting themselves. To them their positions feels like a hot seat. Leading a country it is a big job, needing lots of responsibility. Looking at internationally praised constitutions like the one in SA, its good for one to stay on the path and make the continent a better place. African countries are full of crime, corruption, drugs, alcohol, anger, tribalism, jealousy, put each other down syndrome, unemployment and other ills. That is why I have the question, that “what strategy does it serve for AU to question ICC role with African leaders?” Their leadership is scaring them. Their people or followers do want them to lead forever. Look in Africa, a party and leader dominates for more than 30 years along with that there has been more leaders prosecuted by ICC. We need people to lead our continent for change from its problems.

In SA leaders are always in crime and corruption, with cases like the Guptagate at the Waterkloof Airforce Base. The Democratic Alliance argued in parliament that Jacob Zuma was responsible for the undue influence, asking him to end his relationship with the Gupta family because its bad image. He said they have no proof of any wrong doing on their relationship. The Waterkloof Airforce Base incident could have been another 9/11 like in the US or the Westgate Mall attack in Kenya. Who ever is responsible shouldn’t get away with it. The public protector Thuli Madonsela does not have enough energy for the demands of her office. With Zuma’s administration our economy is slow as compared with other emerging economies. Mamphela Ramphele believes that corruption cost or robs the wealth that is supposed to better the lives ordinary people. That it is the reason for widening poverty.

With all the strikes from the African National Congress (ANC) trypartite alliance compromising the economy. Recently in the Cape Town CBD, the ANC protests to Helen Zille offices resulted disastrous with looting and vandalising of business stall and shops. Cape Time posted on its facebook page “Patricia De Lille says the poor are being used to make the country ungovernable.” In Zimbabwe Mugabe is shutting such stall own by foreigners in Zimbabwe. What is the future African progress, because leaders are stumbling blocks?

ANC is becoming a burden to its members especially those who had accumulated wealth from their professions and live privileged lives. That is one of the reason Advocate Dali Mpofu has left the ANC for the new Economic Freedom Front (EFF) formed by expelled ANC Youth league president, Julius Malema. Looking at routes like the direct sanctions imposed to Zanu PF members when they started not to respect other people’s human rights while they live better lives, more others in the ANC may start to panic. The legacy of the ANC in the liberation movement matters more that is why Mpofu chose the EFF. Malema is used as a shield from criticism. They see that ANC now seems to not prepare the country for the better future but disaster. Even though ANC is lacking to produce leaders as those of Nelson Mandela who just passed away 5th December, EFF can never have the prestige and power formed by the liberation leaders over it. Careless politicians like Malema even those in the current ANC leadership can’t compare, they fall short. People like Mpofu as they benefited in favor of the ANC connections they notice that now its route is bound to poor political decisions that jeapadise their economic level and hunger eg protest in Cape Town, etc. The way up or for improvement is not clear. On the EFF there’s less promise of political power and don’t even know how to exploit this country’s rich history. Mpofu and others can get away with joining EFF. Look at Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka with Congress of the people (COPE).

As Nelson Mandela passed on as young people who grew up at his time and seen what good he meant for our continent let’s build on it. He and other leaders have left us a lot from this country and continent. From their example in being positively progressive we can take this country and continent forward. Africa has a lot of good to contribute to the world. Let’s be role models for the young one who are born in this democracy