Monthly Archives: October 2013

US ground to keep others accountable.

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi

In the US the culture of debate and interactions for consensus, to table matters is highly matured and refined. If you can back it up with verifiable evidence then bring it on. With that then you technically handle the matter in volume. In the long run helping more people in other places.

That is one of the reason human rights issues start that side then reach continents like Africa later. For an example marijuana use has been proven to be health beneficial and in people’s need and now in Barrack Obama administration it’s free in Washington and Colorado. That is, you must be at the right place for what you want to table. There is no ridicule to protect the informal societal based culture of government institutions but very much used for the business of the day. In the West even the individuals pushing for the issue, at this time in age, as systems are set and dried, thrive by thinking outside the clutter. Just less strife and malfunction but efficient union. The matter so true and making good sense even to other people in other countries that you just keep pushing for positive outcome. It’s worth the go. That is the principle they embark on even to keep other countries or the world accountable.

In its international relations initiatives including investment, the more a country respects each individual freedom and human rights the better, even within the working together. The US is open and willing to assist other countries who give that to its people. That is its strong standing base for global moral.

That’s one of the reasons America get to think their authority is on global moral. That its standing is reasonable to shine through as that is all they do on the international relation.

The question in such a context is, do you have anything better (idea and materialisation) that can avail and work? Even the argument that makes an example of how somewhere in the world they violets the standards must be attended to and be addressed. The US will proudly
play a leading role.

Our countries need to learn to play a leading role in listening to the people and protecting human rights. In that way not US but us we would all be taking our responsibilities for a better world from where we live.