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With coloured shoes you get all the spotlight.





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By: Sivuyile S. Sesi


The coloured people have positioned themselves very well. As long as coloureds only care about jobs as means for a nice life and nice time the route to land ownership issues still depends on them. That should be clear for all Africans, white people already understand that and there is business and community between the two groups keeping mutual harmony.

It’s about, of all people I rather give it to coloureds. I can say Mandela as an individual is a coloured group and for them to benefit. They got too much given to them but others holding back in receiving
in abundance. Poor or rich their social psychology is largely activate and ready for the realities of today. They in good thinking of what is happening and information carried and available to them to such an extent wasting their hard work and what so far it means for them its easy and fun. As long as South Africa grow, considerably it falls on them.

Formation like Bruin Bemagtiging Beweging (Brown Empowerment Movement), created by former Western Cape premier Peter Marais’ just indicate the awareness of how far they have gone till the present which next year will be 20 years in democracy.

They are hard workers and their mind is clear on what ever they turn to do. At our black township school they are better educators especially in mathematics, science and accounting. Black working
class, large groups as teachers, social workers, librarians and nurses from the townships for better education they send their children to former coloureds only schools, some to former white or model C
schools. They are benefiting from it, otherwise the growth of black middle class or people ready for tertiary and job market would be even smaller and poorer.

Largely their identity makes the beloved Mandela. They so rich they don’t even know what to do with the wealth coming to them. They entertain great sense of inentitlement. They so free they flaunting it.

Other individuals and communities in trying to allow themselves have easy to improve lives, can learn a lot from the coloured people. They have come too far.


For South Africa the US-Russia deal for Syria is of concern.





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By: Sivuyile S. Sesi (756FreelanceWriting)


In our 19 years of democracy in South Africa with our international ties to assert ourselves as emerging power let’s allow the Syrian crises be of good lesson to us.

The two nations, United States (US) and Russia on their way to come up with what needs to happen to solve the crises in Syria are shutting down creativity and clever approaches on the matter. They marching on the line of evident reality and their will is to keep each other tact of international law. Its not easy for one country to outsmart another.

The two nations minds is made up about the situation in Syria. They on agreeing to disagree and their engagement against each other is to defend their ways or commitments. Russia is unshaken allie of President Bashar al-Assad regime arguing that they innocent of the chemical attack and America believes that Syria is not innocent and they must surrender all their chemical weapons. If not the US is open for military action against Syria to prevent further use of such weapons.  For President Vladimir Putin, it provides for management of the Syrian crisis back to the United Nations (UN). For President
Barrack Obama, it tackles the dilemma made by the Congress’s reluctance to support military attacks that he was preparing without a UN mandate.

US have appearing to be the champion in taking initiative for global equality and leader of global morality. For the decision between US and Russia for Syria to hand over its chemical weapons and allow for the inspection of them in both the Assad regime and the rebels is appraisable as it will or has a chance to indicate to the UN Security Council with its divided member countries to know the direction where the chemical weapons come from. The US and France examined the matter and concluded that Assad regime is responsible. The UN just inspected the use of chemical weapons and it confirmed that they were used. Inspection for now was only about whether they were used not who used them. The truth for who used them is likely to show up with the UN inspection and with this US-Russia proposal of 14 September. With that joint decisions will be taken. The war crises is to get necessary attention and cooperation, there will be more peace as now the two names don’t back down. With Putin backing Assad regime and as the US secretary of state, John Kerry stating that Obama retained the right to attack, with or without UN backing. IOL says “If Syria reneges on a commitment to comply, Washington and Moscow pledged to cooperate at the United Nations to impose penalties – though these remain to be determined and Russia is highly unlikely to support military action, which US President Barack Obama has said must remain an option.”

The Assad regime and the rebels if they are not inspected and handover their chemical weapons and with the war continuing there is a great threat that they will be used again. For the US delaying military attack it is important for the war to be controlled. As even the rebels are already pointing out that this proposal will not solve end the war which is in its third year now. IOL states The residents and opposition activists, questioned the deal, and said it would not benefit normal Syrians. The people want a say about the direction their country is taking. “The regime has been killing people for more than two years with all types of weapons. Assad has used chemical weapons six or seven times. The killing will continue. No change will happen. That is it,” said an opposition activist in a rebel-held suburb of Damascus who uses the name Tariq al-Dimashqi. “The most important point is the act of killing, no matter what is the weapon,” he said.” But with the UN clear on findings there will be joint undertaking in tackling the whole war in Syria. It will be easy for it cooperate.

Kerry told a joint news conference in Geneva: “The implementation of this framework, which will require the vigilance and the investment of the international community, and full accountability of the Assad regime, presents a hard road ahead.” The framework agreement – which one US official described as having been worked out in “hard fought” negotiations with Russia – states that a UN Security Council resolution should allow for regular assessments of Syria’s compliance and “in the event of non compliance, including unauthorized transfer, or any use of chemical weapons by anyone in Syria, the UN Security Council should impose measures under Chapter VII of the UN Charter”. Chapter VII can include military force but can be limited to other kinds of sanction. Russia and the United States continue to have different views on what level of punishment to apply. When Kerry said during the news conference that the text stated that the Council “must” impose measures under Chapter VII, Lavrov interrupted to point out that it says only it “should” impose measures. “There’s no diminution of options,” Kerry said, noting Obama’s right under US law to order military action, with or without support from Congress or any international body.

What happened on 14 September is very important. It is not sleeping on the responsibilities. Ensuring that one country at a time at every available opportunity, especially when it has presented itself for our attention to be the time to address the matter of chemical weapons. That is a big step, showing leadership of the two states on global commitment of world free of chemical weapons for the safety and security of us and of future generations. For the US leadership, showing concern on the matter when still on initial stage presented itself, which about 1400 people in Syria died as being enough reason to push for the decision of 14 September is appraisable as its ensuring that there won’t be next tragic time. There is also a need to discourage the supply of arms in Syria, for peace. In that to also allow humanitarian intervention.

Russia is with SA in the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) this platform should also be our channel for global good. As SA is in BRICS and US is a huge investor with us including China and France having business interests, we should be concerned and vocal about people dying in Syria. Next time it will happen to us. We should ensure that our children won’t see opportunity to be war mongers with our international associations. This is to guide the after effect so when they realize as we rise in power with such countries as emerging powers it is when we should shine the light of peace, keeping the vision of leaders like Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, FW De Klerk, etc and carry on on the right direction.

UN chemical investigators led by Ake Sellstrom of Sweden confirmed on Monday the use of sarin nerve agent in the attack outside the Syrian capital in a long-awaited report that the United States, Britain and France said proved President Bashar al-Assad’s forces were responsible. So now its confirmed by the UN. UN tested on its own than just using the US findings.

For SA it should see BRICS as on check and may it please learn responsibly from this. With BRICS alliance our government must be careful of its ties. We don’t want them to commit us on what is not in our favor to remain in peace with a good democracy. As our soldiers have already died in the Democratic Republic of Congo, for the attempt to build alliance we can’t afford more of such incidences. Our government leaders must not try to shine themselves with the friends at our expense. SA must not have commitments as in with Russia and Syria, where it has to do with arms and war backing. We need to concentrate on peace support and improvement of this country to better our lives.

IOL states “The UN defence of the report came as envoys from Russia, the United States, Britain, France and China met again on a draft resolution that would demand the destruction of Syria’s chemical arms in line with a recently agreed US-Russian deal.”

With this US-Russia deal and UN cooperation the world including SA has moved closer to peace and safety. There is still more work to be done as the war is still not over in Syria. The world still need to take a step for peace and justice as the people are dying. The best that SA can do in this situation is to observe and draw positive strength so that it can be able to take the right steps for a more peaceful world. In this way when we engage in our international commitments we will be able to take moral standing in solving situation like in Syria even when it happen to us.

At my time, how real… Or stupid?

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi

Growing with My grand mother, which I knew as my mother I was not used
to money allowance. She have space to read, think and cool down. She
was easy to get annoyed but control it, but at times explode when had
alcohol. I lived a very basic life at home and very open in power
provided by school as an institution. Especially the culture of
reading for understanding and now its also more of writing. I enjoyed
subjects with sense of procedure and follow through steps, especially
accounting the teacher, Mr Carolus was good. As I have learn from it
even now I don’t stop until what I am doing its done. My grandmother
use to say I am a very cheeky child. I grew up very choosy and not
very much into friendships. I enjoyed playing with my high school
friends which we came together from primary school. As in Site B,
Khayelitsha my home was in W-section, I were most of the time playing
in Y-second than with my street friends. When it got hard on the play
ground my grandmother would tell us”ukuba awukwazi ukudlala nabanye
abantwana qabela ebhedini ulale, don’t cause trouble.” ( Meaning “If
you don’t know how to play with others children go lie on you bed and
not cause trouble”). That has helped me a lot because even now when I
am done with the world I enjoy my time alone in my room.

I enjoyed my self growing up, especially schooling. In class it’s
where I most felt free and open. I raised my hand and also made
laughs. Even though in high school I started to fail twice in my
standard 10 in 2001 and
2002 (which the 9/11 and Ethiopian new year I get reminded), and in tertiary had
financial limitations, things dragged but it was nothing more than
just life lessons. Everyday I always look forward to be at (including
at Sobambisana Public Primary School to) Thembelihle Senior Secondary
School and at the University of the Western Cape (UWC).

At school and tertiary I was not strictly or focused on any ideology,
religion, culture or identity. I just believed in love, feeling good
and holding a good and positive attitude for any thing at any
situation as long as I won’t
be in trouble. In connecting with people I always remained on the spot
where regardless of our background we find common ground for each
others respect. I just believed in being good to everyone for my own

I was not on terms but motivated to turn conditions around in my life.
I was genuine, I was not into picking up the sounding like of
people I was listening to the realness of the message and still
believed I am good in finding the hidden meaning. Now I think I
was not awake to the whole intended meaning. I was motivated for
success. I took advantage of everything that could help me advance to
the next step of what I am doing without thinking along the lines of
division but just meeting requirements and following instructions. For
an example in the Political
Studies class, discussing Ideology module when other students asked us
what are we doing at UWC since liberal, etc ideologies to the right
appealed to us, I didn’t think of
them as talking of UWC as the University of left Ideologies as now I
have realized its popular of. On the readings I was more looking at
how good an author argues his or
her point and explain in my own honest terms what I think he or she means.

Liberty and liberal theories sounded good to me. Maybe its because I
have done commercial subjects like Business Economics, Accounting and
Economics in high school. I believed a person should do what he or she
wants. So I would easily get convinced on good arguments and instead
on looking for problems on what others are
saying or believe, I would rephrase it, others so good that I would
use microsoft. On my choice I would
get attracted to more of liberty and liberal theories or point of
views/ discussions especially when doing IQ quiz.

I was clearly listening to what a person is saying, than how he or she
is saying it. I believed in inner calm and doing or focusing on what
is positive and I love, which made me to have peace in what I do. I
was in harmony not looking for opponents, and reading made it all
easy. I looked at things positively. I was happy, timeless, energetic,
healthy and I had lots of fun. I was a natural believer of liberty,
natural human’s rights and benefits. I thought of different business
ideas to venture into, as now I have settled as a freelance writer.
For me it felt right to let people especially an individual do what he
wants as long as it doesn’t harm others or hinder their rights.
For an example I found nothing wrong with people using dagga which
made me aware of and believed to the power of the
constitution, including that of an
organization in that context. I believed in people having good
intentions, I felt no pain. In fact I could sense it miles away and
avoid it.

I couldn’t realize what’s special for HIM Society banner to say
“People with out the knowledge of their past is like a tree without
roots” and UWC to say” Respice Prospice”, or “emancipate yourself from
mental slavery through African Education” and UWC to say “From hope to
action through knowledge”, now I think on purpose they in harmony.

I couldn’t understand when one called me ignorant, stupid, crazy or
lacking passion because I was reading with understanding, doing my
work and involved in school
community programmes. In primary school I was in the boys’ choir, in
high school in 2003 and 2004 I was the president of Representative
Council of Learners (RCL), was member of the School Governing Body,
was member of Khayelitsha Education Forum and to 2005 still in
Township Debating League for high schools. At Thembelihle S.S.S. I was
awarded best in debate 2004 and in 2005 I awarded best matriculant in
Business Economics, in Economics and in debate. I enjoyed reading
especially motivational material, it inspired me to take action.

One lecturer said I am compassionate. says being
compassionate means being granted in an emergency. Which that sounds
like how in my third year I had difficult time and had less marks than
I thought I deserved on subject I liked more.

As I am the kind of person who is good in beating expectations I
realize that others finds it unacceptable. They have tried to taint
the reality of what is in front of my eyes and what I heard to
understand, to what my senses can enable to predict and foresee. They
had broken handling on what we can do together, no one could co
operate. Saying I am boring but the
truth deep inside me proved right. That I need myself in as far as I
can see with my eyes and mind, reach out with my arms and mind and
heart and words, go any where. To
be cheated of what needs you and depend on you, that is your own
responsibility. It is carelessness on your own and those who rather
trusted you. So take charge.

When I think of moments that happened, from school to my last job as
call centre agent to my graduation day in 2013, I wonder and realize a
lot of life lessons which makes me to positively look forward to a
great tomorrow.

I got interested in business or
entrepreneurship because of my high school background and I wanted to
protect my personal interests and maintain my lifestyle, without
losing the sharpness and power of my mind which was key in my kind of
corporate culture and business venture.

In growing up I had come to realize that we as people got a lot in
common that we can enjoy and exploit. That even in our differences in
essence we can all relate to one another.

I knew almost everything has a similar or interrelated workout
framework, but I was very sharp in keeping mind in meaning of what is
being talked about. I believed in honesty of people especial those in
professional or position of trust. I was less automatically thinking
of hidden meaning in more of tricky way. Now I am open in realizing
that even thou one may explain a theory well but in style or how he
says it, in the background he is giving own meaning, values, belief
and position. Now I am at home unemployed, just trying to generate
sales and make a living on my promising freelance writing. And I still
want to continue my studies.

Syria needs humanitarian intervention for peace and justice





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By Sivuyile S. Sesi

The Syrian regime by President Bashar al-Assad is said to have
started, with opening fire on protesters in the first place and they
are defending themselves. There is need for seize fire to stop further
war and bloodshed. There is need for humanitarian intervention and
peace to allow people of Syria freedom to table their concerns and use
them to build their country. The world, as obligation to international
law must not allow further use of chemical weapons.

In countries where in comparison United States (US) is superior in
power than us let’s stop with confusing and destructive criticism,
with all that is evident in the international system, let’s not add a
pinch of cruel salt in it. Let’s not act on negative motivation,
saying or creating unreasonable things that were never said or
intended just to get support for us, let’s be honest. US help would be
better if we engage with morality than selfish leadership.

Are there alternative other than President Barrack Obama plan for
taking military action to solve the war from becoming worse in Syria?
The war is aided by other countries and it’s continuing, people are
dying. There have been chemical weapons, which other people from other
countries, but with opinions don’t know what the damage of them is.

The Economist states “Many members of Congress have demanded a say on
what America should do in Syria, claiming that denying them the chance
to do so would be downright unconstitutional. There is a difference
between taking military action (which presidents can do) and declaring
war (which is the preserve of Congress). On the 31st of August, In the
Rose Garden Mr Obama asserted that he had the authority to order the
strikes and that he was sure that this is what America should do. Even
so, he was going to ask Congress for its approval first, which means
that America’s response will not come before the recess ends on
September 9th.” As the aim should be peace taking this action will
also discourage other weapon suppliers to this war. Critics should
know positive criticism go a long way. The congress needs our concerned
voices now more than ever. Moral leadership does fit in on the space
of global equality.

United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Independent
online (IOL) said as we should also consider the impact of punishing
measures to stop further bloodshed everything should be done within
the parameters of the UN Charter. He stated “The use of force is
lawful only when in exercise of self-defense in accordance with
Article 51 of the United Nations Charter and, or when the Security
Council approves such action.”

Syria, which is supported by Russia, wrote to Ban on Monday calling on
him to stop a US military strike, its UN envoy Bashar Jaafari said.

Among the Security Council five permanent members, Russia and China
are strongly against military strike. The United States and France
have backed a strike. The British government said it was ready to join
action until its parliament voted against such a move. “European
Union (EU) may have influence on the matter as they may be convinced
by French evidence. These nations had always been in support of each
other on international issues. They usually view global matters within
the same measures or norms.

IOL state “In Sweden, Obama issued a blunt challenge to US lawmakers to
authorize a military strike on Syria.” “My credibility is not on the
line. The international community’s credibility is on the line,” Obama
told a news conference in Stockholm. “And America and Congress’s
credibility is on the line, because (otherwise) we give lip service to
the notion that these international norms are important.”

US and the world should help the people not necessarily take a side,
but for the sake of voice of humanity and moral leadership who want
the country to respect human’s rights, be at peace and have justice,
findings allows approach to the matter. US and France who are for
justice, sake as there is armed war in Syria they need military to
lead them. The people who used chemical weapons must be brought to
book, in that it will open truth to who supplied them with such weapon
and to never happen again. This US initiative will get to the root of
the problem. News24 states “It also explicitly allows military action
to deter or prevent the transfer of those weapons into or out of
Syria. The Obama administration has accused the Syrian government of
killing more than 1 400 people, many of them children, in a Syrians
gas attack near Damascus on 21 August. Syria has blamed the attack on
rebel forces.”
The outside world that can hear and relate with it must do the best
they can, as long as it is of good motivation. Then they have the best
interest of the people of Syria.
The French President, Francois Hollande’s calls for Assad to be
punished with military action for the reported chemical attack on
areas controlled by Syrian rebels during their 2-1/2-year-old
uprising. This is the good bases for Assad leadership and associate to
go stand in front of justice and clear himself. Both France and US
find evidence to show Assad government to be responsible for the use
of chemical weapons. Russia think its the rebels, they and China are
against military attack in Syria.

The world, whether it’s African Union, EU, US, Arab League, etc in
their intervention should not forget to put humanitarian assistance as
the major leading help and as it is dangerous in Syria military
protection is needed. In that they should take a middle ground for
peace and justice. US and France should take further step for Syrian
government to go stand trial, including the rebels to give fair

Discouraging and condemning military support to the Syrian government that is
further upheld from Russia
and Iran, while Qatar and Saudi Arabia transfer weapons to the rebels
in that country.

News24 states “More than 110 000 people have been killed since Syria’s
conflict broke out in March 2011, including over 40 100 civilians,
according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The shelling and
the shooting continue. One part of Mr Obama’s speech is impossible to
argue with: given that the West has been watching Syrians kill each
other for two years, waiting an extra ten days to intervene is
unlikely to make much difference.”

On the 4th of September on Cape Argus, the president of Russia
Vladimir Putin is saying US must present convincing evidence to the
UN Security Council or it will be regarded as aggression. With
evidence Moscow would act decisively if it was approved who was behind
the crime. “He said it wouldn’t be acceptable for the West to go ahead
with military action against Assad regime without UN Security Council,
where Russia has a veto-wielding permanent membership.” As only the UN
security Council can allow approval for the use of force against
another sovereign and independent state or it will be regarded as
aggression. “In an interview apparently pragmatic face to the world
ahead of G20 summit Putin confirmed that Russia had delivered some
components of sophisticated S-300 missile system to Syria. But
revealed that delivery had now been halted.” While Russia is blaming
it on the rebels, it is pushing behind the weight of the UN as it
haven’t found evidence on its way.

IOL states that Ban said. “This is a larger issue than the conflict in
Syria. This is about our collective responsibility to human kind.
Whatever the source, this latest escalation should be a wake-up call
to the international community. We must put an end to the atrocities
the Syria people continue to suffer,”
“Our common humanity compels us to ensure that chemical weapons do not
become a tool of war or terror in the 21st century. Any perpetrators
must be brought to justice. There should be no impunity,” Ban said.
The UN leader said that “chemical weapons experts were working
“urgently” to determine whether banned poison gas was used at Ghouta,
near Damascus, in an attack on August 21.”

There is no justice even if its only Syrians killing each other. The
aim shouldn’t be about taking side but doing what’s good, helping to
disarm and stop the war from getting worse. Who ever is providing
weapons and instigating war must face justice. Humanitarian
involvement is what should take place