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20 years in democracy, make your vote work.

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi@756freelance

Let’s measure the fire, if its on ashes put more wood.

These coming election, in 2014, as it marks 20 years in democracy,
let’s show maturity, its time for us to play our part in positioning
South Africa (SA) to the world, the whole continent will benefit. The
whole continent already see great potential in us, we have to make the
most from it. Mr Trevor Manuel, Dr Mamphela Ramphele and Mrs Helen
Zille running for presidency would be a good indication of that.

To show that South African political culture is healthy we need to see
these leaders running for the top position. We can’t allow a closing
political state, as more people are still stuck in worse conditions,
this country deserves interesting contestation, we can achieve that by
respecting the architect. We can’t afford to jepatise it or ignore
those who played a significant role to build and be where country is
today, there is still more potential let’s exploit it.

Trevor Manuel in the African National Congress is the most clean
understanding politician, for goodness sake I did accounting and
initiated for financial literacy programmes, as for dealing with state
finance, and now in state planning he has been impressive. He enjoys
working, being underused frustrate him. Seeing him on the media other
time wearing black suit with bright striped socks, I guess he has been
less hand on. He is one of the few leaders that can make a good
president, long after President Thabo Mbeki, to be exact. He is really

For more to benefit without wasting time, its unfair for leaders
facing criminal charges running for presidency. Such positions are not
about them as a person, Mbeki slashed Mr Jacob Zuma because he knows
there will be a cloud hanging and cause turbulence on plans potential.
As we are interdependent to the international system the state of
nation and conducive national interest should be a priority. Zuma will
still be treated free and fair. This may sound like disregarding
popular view and favoring urban interest, Manuel is favorable and with
his profile and experience can rate us internationally, as other
leaders has done.

We don’t need to repeat the recent route of Kenya elections. Marikana,
police brutality, corruption, etc these situations with the right way
can be better dealt with. Compromising better life for people with
leaders facing criminal charges has not worked for SA. In a
flourishing economy and conducive political culture there will still
be far better chances for more people.
When I listen to Mamphela Ramphele with her knowledge and experience
she is capable do the following things for SA:

SA is in a good state when compared with other countries in Africa.
Our democracy needs competent leaders, to tap on its greatest
potential and make it deliver services to improve more lives. At the
moment it is failing to reach out to more South Africans and the
continent. At this stage of our democracy our government need to shake
up, organize resources especially human resources in and make it work
for us. In all spheres, the resources we have must bring returns.

Ramphele running government she will do service to the standard of our
democracy. With her leadership there will be break throughs and
opportunities especially for business will open. More young people
come out of school with business skills, but can’t fund their
ambitions, and be able to emerge in the economic activities. Hopes,
dreams and wishes end up unrealized while they were of best interest
or of need to society, especially black women can learn a lot from
her, in making decision for political and economic emancipation.

For the current system that favors elitism, a system that cater for
party socialized leaders, for top political party members,
disregarding competency, but ethnic based popularity. As the results
government make bad decisions and lacks political economic
effectiveness and efficiency but characterized with malfunction,
corruption and unprofessionalism.

When Helen Zille was asked if Ramphele would be fast- tracked to top
Democratic Alliance leadership if she join the party, Zille said she
wont be given no special treatment. If she had to stand for a
position, she would have to go through the process like other
individuals. She said in theoretical situation, it was favorable that
Ramphele would naturally be put for a leadership position by DA
because of her skills and experience.

Zille has worked in all three tiers of government – she was Western
Cape province’s education MEC in 1999–2004, as a Member of Parliament
in 2004–2006, as Mayor of Cape Town in 2006–2009, and as
Premier of the Western Cape in 2009– present.

Zille with her steady progress, its possible for her to gain more
popularity, and be president, being a stronger opposition is to be

She can play a big role in economic empowerment of the poor. She is at
better stance in directly linking the gap between the rich and poor.
She has been passionately being part of the township high and low
points, she makes extra effort to fit in on any context, even thou I
was born in the township she is better in dealing with township
matters, she come to black communities prepared for the part. For the
example her involvement in dealing with police malfunction that has
led to people losing confidence in justice in Khayelitsha, which now
something is done to solve that, to attending meetings and events with
her touch with any realities more and more people are trusting her
assistance. DA choose the right person for its pursuit to distance
itself from apartheid, prosperous future. There has been just lot of
progress. On the 21st of March 2013 there was renaming of roads and
building in Cape Town, also DA visit to Soweto to ease the anxieties
of people about her party that it can lead the country back to
apartheid. With Zille leadership her party have been doing a good job
in keeping government accountable. Zille is also internationally
recognized, she will do a good job attracting investment.

When comparing private sector and government, in the private sector,
it has been better, which in government, very little has. The public
sector is top-down. Private sector is bottom-up, networked and
consumer-driven. Government needs to transform as radically as United
States did early 20th century. Government Patronage and corruption
needs to be substituted with a measure of meritocracy. It must become
a “platform” for quality services so as to reach great potentials. It
needs to engage citizens rather than treat them as subjects. But
citizens need to change, too: they must become problem-solvers,
careful consideration is part of it.

SA in 2014 will be 20 year in democracy so the elections must show
maturity. the Republic need to give the people quality democracy they
deserve, that will also set the standard for Africa and be able to
capitalize on the attention the country will be getting from the
world. These coming election its time for us to play our part in
gaining global trust and positioning SA to the world, we deserve to
benefit from our democratic progress.


America is united and Africa must assert its role.

By: Sivuyile S. Sesi (

Now that America is united, Pope is Francis from Argentina, Obama in his second term as United States (US) president, there is reg…ionalism and favoritism showing between North America, South America and Africa got a big role to play.

US artists like Kanye West and Jay Z feel for Obama because as the US president the world expect leadership from him.

Kanye West got projects with Jay Z, both have been involved during Obama’s first and second term election run. Jay Z and other stars in the US entertainment industry has been helping Obama in fundraising and for votes during election campaigns. Jay Z got tracks like “My president is black”. Working with Kanye West on tracks like “clique”, “No church in the wild”. These entertainment gurus have been releasing quite controversial music.

Kanye is said to consider naming his expected baby with Kim Kardashian, North West.

South America, finds itself in
possession of the global image trifecta: a World Cup (in 2014), a Summer Olympics (2016) and a new pope (Francis).

“… When the College of Cardinals decided to go to the Western Hemisphere for a successor to Pope
Benedict XVI, they didn’t choose the archbishops of Boston or New York or a cardinal from Quebec. They tapped the archbishop of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio.

Experts say it has to help the reputation and morale of a region that has languished in relative obscurity, except when depicted as a fount of drugs (Colombia), deforestation (Brazil). and demagoguery (Hugo Chavez of Venezuela). “Without question, the emotional response to the pope coming from South America really gives the region a visibility and attention on the global scale that reflects where it’s gone politically,
economically and socially,” said Harley Shaiken, chairman of the Center for Latin American Studies
at the University of California, Berkeley….”

A US president and a pope have lots of power, they have history, working together in dealing with global issues. Their leadership has played a very important role for direction the world has decided to take.

There has been a beliefs that the world is coming to an end, end 2012. But the world still carries on, in a time believed to be an African Era to lead in growth and development. Debate on Africa on believe “Africa is the world’s fastest-growing continent at the moment. Over the next decade its GDP is expected to rise by an average of 6% a year. Foreign direct investment has gone from $15 billion in 2002 to $37 billion in 2006 and $46 billion in 2012.” Afro-enthusiasts debate that “they see the continent giving China a run for its money–a far-fetched notion.”A good plan of action need to be put in place.

Second pope during Obamas second term, they both need to take advantage of this notion about Africa and make it mainstream in the world agenda. For pope Francis he is already out to serve the poor.

America is United, and Africa fits in very well in the agenda too, it must assert its position in the world. The controvesy make it more wide spread in giving attention.

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