BY: Sivuyile S. Sesi from 756freelance.co.za


As this week on the 5th of February it’s been Safer internet day, let me take a step towards safer communities and internet.

The way Afcon has been going on has got me thinking a lot, which I am struggling to get things done because of technology challenges, and so limited resources, as on the 11th of September 2012 I was robbed my laptop on my way to Stockroad Station. Endithyafisayo is that as I was going to pass at Philippi East Police Station to report, on my way the more I thought of the way it happened the more I lost hope in getting real help, in fact as the robbers were running towards Lansdown road a police van appeared on their direction but I didn’t want my school friend Zodwa to see this, the way it happened I just felt it as some sort of game.

Then I continued my journey towards police station as I value the service I thought I might get lucky. They asked for pin number and going back home was not an option as I was also planning not to let the event ruin my day.

From police station I took a train to home affairs offices at central to apply for a new ID, then posted a blog and went on my evening job. For such it’s a challenge to run a low budget business.

The Commission of Inquiry established by Western Cape Government in Khayelitsha is very vital to boost the confidence of the people to police and justice services, which even other communities need to take note. Such commissions will be able to deal with what lead for minister of sport Fikile Mbalula as young as he is to be removed from a department that require young energy be moved to sport, to them that may make no difference but his young energy was very important in police ministry he just needed positive attitude.

Afcon matches have been motivating me to do more work as complaining about not doing as much as I want or of being limited won’t help, lot of Entrepreneurs have endured and it paid off.

On the friendly match between South Africa and Algreiria at Orlando Stadium after reading Absa status that was as “Today is the day that Bafana Bafana breaks the goal drought! How many goals will the boys net tonight against Algeria? You can catch all the action from Orlando Stadium tonight at 8:15 PM.” I felt strongly and posted on facebook that “I bet a million South Africa is winning” but it was a 0-0 draw, then I thought and posted ‘equal rights no dictatorship’ as that’s what it means.

Then on the first round Group A played all draws. Then on the third round Ethiopia loses 2-0 to Nigeria this match just brought interesting thoughts on my mind, on what is in common between the two nations especially their buzz on the internet. With the score I thought and shared on facebook, that “Mama Africa be zero tolerant to dictatorship.”

Then as some of my facebook friends tend to share sort of follow up from my status update.  The next day, 31st January, Mari Blessing posted status with a picture of a very beautiful Nigerian women as “This is a Hackers Page…..one of dem who wrote Me….she loves me LOLOL” then updated “Here’s the other Hacker…She’s in love with me as well….LOLOLOL….”

Which now the schools are opening which is the right time to warn school pupils and especially first years, they need to be protected to such crimes they deserve good motivation toward better life. It’s good that the Universities of Cape Town and University of Stellenbosch support the new commission of inquiry and they have been involved in the process in Khayelitsha.

We are lucky as young people who are born and bred in the urban areas because we got all these opportunities close to us and we need to take advantage of it all, the environment and internet.

According to TheEconomist.com which was shared on facebook as “In recent years, Chinese parents and activists have been using websites and microblogs to share information about cases and draw public attention to child abduction. Their efforts have put pressure on the police, who have responded (unusually, given their suspicion of internet activism) by using the internet themselves to contact the families.”

This in South Africa will be very helpful especially as more young people are exposed to technology and internet, then we might as well use it to protect ourselves and make our communities crime free.

With beautiful girls approaching you with big amount of inherited money and love but only if you help to escape red tapes for the smooth transfer of money. From very beautiful daughters of tycoons to government officials, forex, telemarketimg, social media, money transfer etc as young and excited as we are the internet can cost you a lot, we must just be cautious and careful while not marginalizing yourself.


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